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The Cubs

Wow, guess you will never have to get that tattoo then…

What I wonder is what would happen if boston red sox and the cubs were facing each other in world series… Would they have some freak accident where they all die in a plane collision just so the game would have to be cancelled?

We all know neither one of them can win the big one, so something would have to go wrong.


All fun aside, I really like wrigley. I’ve been to chicago many times, most recently just moved an aunt out of there, and really wish we had a stadium like that. Gimme the bad weather with the good, it’s just so much better than sitting in that concrete & canvas joint with the fake air called the dome.


The defending National League champ-i-on San Fran-cis-co Giants (add PA echo effects).

My fondest baseball memories are of the '89 NLCS vs. the Cubs. Mark Grace and Will Clark were both gods in that series.

I can’t hate the Cubs though – there are too many 2002 Giants on the club for that. I like Dusty a lot, but he has limitations (here’s the game ball, Russ – yikes). Wrigley is a sweet ballpark…almost as good as PacBell.

A Cubs/Red Sox World Series is one of the acknowledged signs of the apocalypse

At least my reds won’t be keeping you from the tattoo for a while after that firesale

Daox, you might speak a little early…the “other” Chicago team is on your tail…hehe :slight_smile: just givin’ you a hard time.

I can’t stand the White Sox, but I’d still pull for them in any American League playoff situation. Man, could you guys imagine an L-train series?! I’d sleep on the streets of Chicago for a week just to be there in that atmosphere if I had to…okay, I’m done dreaming now.

i dont like dusty baker because he wears wrist bands.

i dont know how anyone in their right mind could say that the cubs could beat atlanta in the playoffs or even make the post season for that matter.

they play in the worst division in baseball and cant seem to crack the .500 mark.

they have a manager who will hurt them come post season time if they did somehow make it. i.e. 1993, 2000, 2002 san francisco giants. every time baker has been to a playoff or near them he had a monumental meltdown.

i guess im kinda biased and want the cubs to lose because i was at game 6 last year in which baker single handedly took a world series away from the city of san francisco.

P-Dog…I feel your pain. I think the Giants are proving this year that Dusty wasn’t the one holding things together. Hell, Barry’s even sitting in on card games in the clubhouse. That never happened before.

Barry who???

Zito is the only bay area Barry I know of…

Hey Cupcake,
Oui, Oui, monsieur, VIVE LES EXPOS!!!
Since 1987, Original reasoning was to be the antagonist, born and raised 1 HR (hour not home run) from T.O.But they quickly became my passion and my heartbreak.
There aren’t many teams that haven’t benefitted from the Expos’ farm system or the Expos themselves.
I live real close to Chi-town now, and I really want to like the cubs…I try but I just can’t do it. Although if they get a few more former Expos I may as well start cheering for them.
I was hoping they’d go for Felippe.

I’m sure they’d let Zito sit in too if he asked.

poor Cub fans even if your beloved team makes it to the world series they will never get pass the mighty YANKEES!

Atlanta would be a very tough series - though in a 4 man pitching rotation like in the playoffs, you have to admit that there are very few teams who can match the cubs starting 4. Our bats are what would kill us.

Playoffs this year? Yes. World Series? Probably not, but we’re young and actually making smart moves right now. I think you’ll see us around for a while.

And if you think the NL Central is weak, go check out AL Central.

Oh, PS - swept San Diego, 1.5 game back of Houston!

rumbach, i would agree tht your rotation could match just about anyone, but i truly believe that you are handicapped by your manager. you may not see this yet but watch the in-game decision making that takes place if you do make the post season.

baker is a great players manager, everyone likes him, and he is a stand up guy, but frankly he has no clue when it comes to in game strategy. he also has a tendency to go with his “boys” in big situations regardless if they are the best man for the job or not.

i have been a giants fan all of my life and i never liked that man. every time he made the post season he bombed big time i.e. yanking russ ortiz, pitching to troy glaus, starting the pitcher with the most losses in the league in game 7 simply because he is his boy.

hes a great guy but a poor in game strategist.

Well, there have been a lot of criticisms of Baker on the Cubs boards as of late, mostly for his use of veterans over developing young guys. For example, Karros is having a good year, but to keep Hee Seop out most of the time is to deny one of the most promising 1st basemen in the league time to get his head together (especially after his major injury)

It is a wait and see kind of thing for me. Right now, we’re 15 wins above last year, so I have to give him credit for bringing the guys together. However, his managing style in the post-season will certainly be under the microscope if we make it this year.

What the Cubbies really need is one or two more strong bats, especially after losing Patterson. I hope we make deals for Tejada and Pudge in the off-season, or even go after Giles.

The white sox have owned the cubs ass ever since interleauge play started. I can’t believe so many people in the forums are cub fans, Wrigley field is nothing more than a yuppie bar with a baseball game going on. Don’t forget you also have one of the biggest cheaters in baseball on your team Corky(I take flinstone vitamins)Sosa please have you seen how small he has gotten
ever since he was caught with a corked bat.

Don’t forget Wrigley field is located on the North side of Chicago where the gay pride parade takes place!

Otomix, please, shut up and go away. thx.

Hey Rumbach you shouldn’t post in a public forum if you don’t want replies!

Oh, sorry buddy, blast away.

Nice first post though - ignorance, homophobia, and generally unpleasant. I’m sure you’ll do well around here.

Anyhow, yeah, Sox are having a good year. Too bad I don’t like them. Sorry, not my style.

Wait… you guys actually enjoy watching baseball? :slight_smile: