The Cubs

In my effort to determine who on the T-Forums is a “friend” and who is an “enemy” (also known as “Kyrgyzstani wife thief”), I shall now tell you about my love of the Cubs.

Being a loyal Indiana native (and having no native baseball team), I have been behind the Cubbies since pre-natal times. I have a standing agreement with a friend to get a Cubs tattoo upon their victory in the world series (I predict next season, this year we’ll make the playoffs)

Now, call me wrong, insult my Cubs, and prove yourself a wife thieving bastard.


Getting a Tat truly does hurt, you could also get any sort of blood disease from an unclean stick. Of course there is also the whole “It’s permanent” argument too.

Good thing you won’t have to worry about any of that…

Viva Les Expos!

“Sometimes I bust out and do things so permanent. Like tattoos and marriage”

~ Drew Barrymore

Sweet. I didn’t think there were any other Cubbies fans on this board. I’m a huge Chicago-all-around fan (well, except the Sox - shame of the city). After not having anything to be excited about over the last two years, since the Bears had that awesome season in ‘01, it’s about time another one of my teams stepped up and did something in good ol’ Chi-town. I go to Chicago two or three times every year. As a matter of fact I’m going to the June 8th Sunday night game, and we got bleacher seats! That one is going to be on ESPN so my buddy and I are going to go down to Wrigley Saturday night or early Sunday morning to make sure we get seats in right field (if you’ve ever been to Wrigley before you know how big of a deal that is - the whole “left field sucks” chants, sitting behind Sammy, etc). Hopefully we’ll catch a Sammy ball and be on TV! (yeah, right) I was in Cincinatti, though, to see his 500th home run (I live in Lexington, KY so we go anytime the Cubbies are in town to play the Reds). It landed only about fifty feet to the right of where we were sitting. Something I’ll get to tell the grandkids about there. I just really hope both the Yanks and Cubs are still in first place when the game comes. That will make it so much more worthwhile. It’s the first time the Yankess have been to Wrigley in 75 years (since 1938)! I guess I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to historical Chicago sports events: Sammy’s 500, Cubs/Yanks, and I also got to see the second to last game in the original Soldier Field before they tore it down.

I talk too damn much.

Oh, baby, you Cubbies fans have one of the biggest fans in your company in T-Rock. Born a Cubs fan, always a Cubs fan. We could go on and on, but let’s channel our energies, so they can get past the freakin’ Pirates (now) and the Brew Crew (in September)!

One of my friends is the Triple A third baseman and has led the team in RBIs (while he was with the big team) in spring training the last two years. Hes hitting over .300 now and has four homers. He just came off of an injury which is why his homer total is so low. I follow the cubs a good bit and with them being on TV and Mark Prior being one of my fantasy pitchers, i watch them often. Im a Braves fan however.

I must admit that I too share the shame and humiliation inherent in being a Cubs fan. Up until a few months ago, I lived three blocks from Wrigley and gave the Tribune Company thousands of dollars in beer money. One day, more than likely the year after my dad, a lifelong Cubs fan, will die, they will win the World Series. I have made a pact with a friend that I will go to a Cubs World Series game if I have to sell everything I own. If my calculations are correct, it won’t much matter since Chicago will more than likely burn to the ground the night they win the Series.

Cupcake: I know well the pain of tattoo work, and am ready for more - no greater glory than a Cubs tattoo (plus you get free AAA Iowa tickets for life)

All other fans: hug me brothers, for we are one. Let Prior, Woods, Choi, and Patterson lead us to the promised land (and a little Sosa, maybe some Bobby Hill)


Just thought I would let it be know that I am one of your arch rivals…


In faith,

Of all the teams in the NL central from Chicago, the Cubs are my favourite.

Go 'spos!

Goldberg: I’m guessing David Kelton is the guy you’re talking about? I try to keep up with our minor league system a bit to see who could be crackin’ the “Big Show” soon. We sure could use a reliable third baseman right now…

For you other Cubbies fans out there, here’s a link to an article about the guy I presume Goldeberg is talking about:

As the article so nicely puts it, could he be the next Ron Santo? Let’s bow our heads and pray…

Alright Cub fans, things are getting interesting.

Patterson out (god that hurts!), Gruds is out for 2-4 weeks, picked up Lofton and Ramirez (nice home run last night), and talk is that we’re pursuing Palmeiro for a 2 month “rental”

2 game out of first, big series against houston coming up.

I want to pee myself.

And, with Notre Dame football starting soon, I’m remembering why I love the fall.

The Cubs? How about the Royals? Yes, I know that they play in the weakest division in baseball, and despite the fact that they’re sitting atop the division they aren’t a very talented squad.

However, even though I moved from Kansas City to the Indianapolis area 15 years ago, I’m still a diehard Royals and Chiefs fan(along with the Colts and Pacers).

With their large budget, the Cubs will continue to put together one talented team after another, and will shoot themselves in the foot season after season; because as we all know, all professional sports organizations in Chicago suck.

Along with having more heart than any other team in baseball, the Royals have the one thing that matters most:

In August, they STILL have a better record than the Cardinals!

I don’t deny it, I’m cheering for the Royals (being they are one of the only teams as pathetic as the Cubs in recent years)


The Cubs are actually, for the first time in recent memory, looking like a future powerhouse.

Look at the starting pitching staff. Now look at their ages. Under 30. Several under 26.

Look at Patterson, Choi, Ramirez. Under 30.

Look at the farm system - considered one of the top 5.

Yes, we might shoot ourselves in the foot, but all I want is that tattoo.

I’m with Goldberg. Bravos all the way.

Braves are tough, no doubt. Smoltz pretty much means you have to beat them in 7 innings.


If Cubs pitching continues as it has in the past month, we can beat them come playoff time.

That’s true, although I hate the Cubs, I do have to admit that they have one badass pitching staff. Prior is already one of the best out there in only his first full season. As long as he doesn’t get seriously injured, he has the potential to become one of the most dominate pitchers in the history of the game.

All i have to say is GO YANKEES!!!

The Cubs are going to make it interesting. I figure the only sure way to get to the playoffs is to get Raffy. Without him, the hitting comes up just a tad short. You just can’t rely on SS that much.
I wish them good luck!

One more thing…The yankees SUCK!
George S. is going to shit after they lose again this year.

Go Mariners!!!

Always like to see the Cubs do well though. It would be cool to see them go all the way.