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The Cube Method E-Book?


I picked it up today and am most likely going to give it a try. I read through it twice today and it's a great read. A couple of parts that confused me a little, but great nonetheless.


I first read about it in Power Magazine and was interested in it so I bought it today. Read through it once and skimmed it again. I will definitely have to think the first few cycles through and get a good plan going. I'm going to run one more month of 5/3/1 and try the Cube Method when I get back home to my regular gym in a month.


Everybody seems to be making progress on it. Hopefully it works out well for you.


Iv been part of one of the test groups for 5 weeks now and the training has been amazing. I'm getting the e-book this coming weekend!


Purchased it as well, Starting today. It was a good read and Im stoked to get started. I guess my only negative critique is the explanation of how to squat, bench and DL. It seemed unnecessary everything else was excellent.


Keep training logs please folks. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would be interested in seeing them. I've got like 10 more weeks left on my current training cycle, but after that this is one of the programs I'd like to try.


does this outline a template or routine to go by ? or is it just explaining the cube method


Cliff notes, anyone?


Never mind, google is my friend. :slight_smile:


wow, did some cunt already posted the book online


Anyone have a link to where the ebook can be putchased-google just brings up his blog and a bunch of logs?


It's being sold through Juggernaut Training Systems.


I'll start mine on monday.

I have a couple questions to the others that have purchased the e-book too. Do you know how often the bench/dead variations (not going to give them away) should be cycled? Or is that up to an individual? Which is fine, and something I should probably get used to, but I haven't really done a program that's as individualized as this. Also did the percentages for his heavy day section seem a little odd to you guys? It seems as if a lot of his trainees worked up to a real max effort lift on all their heavy days, while in the book only one out of 3 heavy days is in the max effort range.


I believe on the heavy days it goes Floor, 2 board and regular flat bench. For DL it goes Deficit, then pulling from blocks.

I saw the discrepancy as well, today I had a heavy bench and it called for %80 of my training max where I saw some lifters in the test group work up to a 1 rep max.



If you get a chance, watch Mark Bell's review of the Cube Method on his YouTube page. I think it's under Supertraining06. Anyhow, you kinda get a better sense of how to implement the program based on some of the things he talks about in the video. He says some heavy days you can work up to a max triple, and others maybe a max single depending on how you feel. And although the main movements will obviously never change, the way they're implemented will by way of use of special bars, working from a deficit, floor presses, etc.

I'm very inexperienced when it comes to planning my own programming and I'm also the type of person that has to have everything pre-planned in my log before I hit the gym. I think I will have to loosely map out a few cycles on paper to get an idea of how it's going to work before I'm comfortable with it.


Yea thats what I thought. Also at the example cycle towards the end on the last heavy day (pulls from the blocks) it lists the 80% for given sets/reps but then says "now we're gonna work up to a heavy single". Idk if he was just describing how to work up to a heavy single or...idk lol.


I am contemplating buying this book, but before i do, im wondering does the program utilize things like bands, and chains etc for the big lifts? I train at home so i dont have access anything fancy like that. Just oly weights & barbell for me.


For the most part, no. There is little to no band/chain work.


where in SA you from?