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The CrossFit Experiment (JMaier31)



I’ll just make sure to keep my PRs slightly ahead of yours. That ought to be a good enough reminder :smile: :wink:


Yes sir. It sure will :smiling_imp:


Should be good to go. The no link issue is the biggest thing.

As for why it wasn’t published here, I’m not 100% sure. Could be his call. A lot of the coaches do have their own standalone sites, so saving some stuff for their home base is a legit business decision.

This article Thib wrote back in 2004 covers some of the same bones, just not fleshed out into a fully detailed program. And he does have eleventy hundred other programs, at least some of which probably share principles.


You can add me to that club too. Great job


Nice stuff. Saw a post in someone else’s log about the 500 DL and wanted to see it for myself. Hopefully in a couple of years I can reach that achievement myself.


Thanks for stopping by! Hopefully there’s more to come. I guess I’ll be shooting for 545 next but first I’m going to dabble in CrossFit and bring up my conditioning.

Sadly a 545 deadlift seems more doable than a 405 squat.


Weird that you say that. Recently I see a 405 squat much more in reach than a 500+ deadlift.

I think I’ll 405 squat before I 500 DL. But I would rather have a 500+ DL


I’m 40 lbs away from a 405 squat but 365 was all I had Tuesday. On the other hand that 500 deadlift was smooth. I’m probably closer to that 545 than I think…especially if I bust out the Texas Deadlift bar next time.


Your getting noob like gains again bro


Hey Big J

I didn’t see this, was still impressed by the 500 DL.

That was amazing man, both were.
And Volbeat for the music again.

After Darkhorse I’ll do CT’s program, I had it in my mind.


Instagram and Facebook don’t like it when you embed music. They keep muting it due to copyright. The first time I used Volbeat it slipped past them so I thought I’d try again but they caught it this time :smile:

I’m going to do it again. I just want to bring up my conditioning and maybe shed a bit of fat. Call it a mini cut but the only change will be my training. I’m still going to eat the same. Once I’m ready to truly bulk again I’ll start it but I should be able to keep my conditioning since I’ll be in better shape.


@mortdk @JMaier31 you guys have me wondering what is next. I still have 6 weeks of direct training with this program but it’s not too soon to think about what is next. Football season will start soon and then I will need a plan I can run with two days off Thurs/Fri game days.

How much time in the gym does this CT plan take? Is it a 4 day plan where I can stack two days together day off then two days and off two?

I may need to switch to a Hypertrophy block, but I want to do that around the holidays when calories will naturally be high…


Try CT’s simple strength program.
It’s been doing Big J here some good results.
I think it will be my next.


This program was written as a Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat program but CT’s basic principles are to never train two days in a row and not take two days in a row off. I know that doesn’t fit with your Thurs/Fri schedule, but I’m sure you could still see progress with it.

I set my timer for 100 sec rest on squats and 60 sec rest for everything else (including deadlifts). For the first three phases (weeks 1-9) you do three sets on day 1/2 and five sets on day 3/4. The day 1/2 workouts took me around 40-50 minutes (some days I can knock them out in 30). I could get up to 70-80 minutes on the longer days so I scheduled those on my days off.

If you have to have two days off in a row then you could try a Tues/Wed/Sat/Sun routine. That’d let you do the longer workouts on the weekends.

You could also just do a full body program through the football season and train Mon/Wed/Sat. I’d be happy to share my full body 5/3/1 program I was running before my surgery. But you’re also getting to the point where you know what you like so you could design your own program around your schedule. It doesn’t have to fit into one week. It might take 8 or 9 days to get through everything once (i.e. doing a 4 day/week program by lifting 3 days/week).



Long ass day at work and we even had decent staffing. I was supposed to max out on power clean but I figured it would be less than stellar after working 10 hours in the heat. I’ll try it on Monday.

Training @ Home After Work

185 x 5 x 2
235 x 2 x 2
245 x 5
275 x 4
305 x 3
335 x 2 belt on
365 x 1 Not quite as deep as usual but I’ll take it.

185 x 2 x 2
235 x 1 x 2 sets

275 x 2
325 x 2

DEADLIFT (belt, straps, sleeves for all sets)
345 x 5
375 x 4
405 x 3
435 x 2
460 x 1 This is all the weight I have.

And that was it for the day. We had a work gathering at our FOP Union lake. I didn’t plan on going so I didn’t even bother to tell my wife but I decided I should make an appearance because I had no good reason to skip it. I had a good time but I’m afraid my wife was irritated by it (mostly for not telling her until yesterday morning).

I might try to max on power cleans Monday and depending on how I feel I might throw 545 on the deadlift bar and see what happens.

Work has started out terribly this morning. We have six officers (minimum is 7 but I’m not in charge) and 2nd shift has three officers (minimum is 4). We have nine beats to cover in our Bureau so ideally we’d have seven to nine officers on each shift. Summer is in full swing in terms of temperatures and call load. It’s going to be another long day.


Wasn’t it never to train more than two days in a row?


Yes. I was typing too fast and left some words out LOL.


All good man. I’ll keep it in mind. I can always go to build the monolith it is a three day program. Maybe a Mon, Wed, Sat type of thing. May just have to cut back on the number of days I train. Uggh


If you go full body then you won’t mind three days a week. There’s no time for fluff so you just stick to big movements. Something about it feels primal…


I threw on some cargo shorts and a Grunt Style t-shirt for church tonight and I felt like a rolly poly. Everything is snug.

Contrary to my belief I think my arms have grown. It might not be muscle but my shirts are getting tighter.

Fat guy in a little coat…