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The Crisis of Credit Visualized


Cool little video. A lot to pick apart from it, but still a great high level overview and entertaining.

If any discussion comes out of this, please keep the name calling and personal attacks to yourself-- it gets old real fast.


Actually a really good video. Certainly not complete but addresses the top down demand and does it in a way that is very easy to understand.

The only part I can see that is missing is how we got to point that home values had been rising so fast and for so long. This is where the story starts in the video but it is really the middle of the boom.

To understand how we got to the point investers were even interested in CDOs, you have to look when and why home prices started accerating much faster than inflation. Couple this with the telecom crash and low return on T-bills, and you have a gov't created bubble. There are whole threads dedicated to this, so we probably don't need to get into it unless some one is curious and hasn't read the other threads.

The part it leaves out is very important, but the rest seemed pretty accurate to me. Bookmarked.

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Agreed. Thank you for this.

Great vid as well, and to think this 10min flash video could have covered what the media took 5 months to explain.