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i loved the big guys latest article. the idea of “unleashing the beast” is a philosophy i have used for a long time and i think it is very important. i have discussed this principle with a few of my esteemed colleagues and we all seem to agree that it makes the difference between the guys with average physiques and the guys with great physiques. (hopefully i will get there someday)

i like to call this principle the “FUCK IT” principle. what that means is that sometimes when your in the gym you just have to say “fuck it!” instead of saying “oh i can only handle 315 on the bench press,” you say “fuck it” and load up 350 and go to town. what im saying is that sometimes i think we mentally trick ourselves into not progressing. whether it is fear of injury, embarrassment or whatever it is, if you just say “fuck it” once in a while you can blast through some mental plateaus.

i hope everyone doesnt think im a total nut job now.

JB delivers another fine article.

I am just about to start the Growth Surge project, but will have this workout on deck after the maintenace phase of Growth Surge.

Not at all bro. I agree 100%. In fact I like it’s weird that you say that because sometimes my freinds call me Buck when I’m in the gym. BUCK DON’T GIVE A FUCK! BTW I’ve already thought you were a nut job.

Right on, P-Dog, I agree with you 100%

Great post P-DOG! My best workouts have been when I just said fuck it. People are too limited by the limitations they put on themselves.