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The Creation of a T-man

What’s up t-maggers. I’ve recently read the article by John Berardi called, “The Creation of a T-man.” The workout plan that he describes here seems perfect to me and I have embarked on creating my own Creation of a T-man workout routine based on his 20 minutes of cardio and 28 set workout scheme. I’m still in my first week and I’m definetley enjoying these workouts. I’m thinking about adding another day to cover more muscle groups. I’ve also included a little cardio on my days off because my main goal is to achieve a well-defined set up abs and lose some Body fat. This is what my first week is going to end up looking like:(keep in mind that there are four sets for each exercise)
Day 1: 20 min. of cardio in morning + 6 alternating chest and back exercises and one exercise of abs at end.
Day 2: off except 20 min. bike ride ( I had never had such a sore back, even on two scoops of mag-10!)
Day 3: off except 20 min. bike ride (back still killing me)
Day 4: 20 min.cardio in morning + 6 alternating exercises of bis/tris with one exercise of abs at end.
Day 5: 20 min. cardio in morning + 6 alternatin exercises between Quads/calfs with an ab exercise at the end
Day 6: 20 min. of cardio in morning + 6 alternating shoulders and lats with an ab exercise at the end.
Day 7: 20 minute cardio in morning + traps and metabolic day. (you can find out what metabolic day is in his article)

So what do you guys think? The reason I do cardio every day is becuase 1, it makes me feel good, and 2, because, it’s only 20 minutes of light cardio that is not that demanding. Has anyone else been doing a 28 set workout and how’s it going? What does your workout look like?, etc. Thanks for posting.

You’d have to hold a gun to my head to get me over 20 sets in a workout, but hey, that’s just me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting. Why do you say this? Do you think that my cortisol levels are rocketing sky high? John Berardi uses the 28 set workout and it has worked for him. His physique states this. Or is it just to much for you to handle?

I think your cortisol levels would be getting out of hand if your actual workout time, plus cardio, was anything over an hour. However, play around with this scheme. If it works for you, don’t listen to me!

My wariness of this program comes from a lot of personal observation. I’m considerably more geared toward lower volume, higher intensity workouts, but that’s just me. You could respond really well.

The most important thing to realize is that you need not do this program, only because someone successful has used it. That’s dangerous thinking. But, if it works for you, you’re golden.