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The Covington Catholic Rorschach Test


I have little to offer this thread, except to note that I’ve dealt with the Black so-called Hebrew Israelites for over 20 years. I don’t think they have anything to do with actual Judaism, but kstarted with some con man in the late 1800s who decided he was the reincarnation of Yeshua of Nazareth. Anyway, some sort of black-only cult that decided they were the real Jewish people.

From my point of view, I think their main activity is to go around and beat the crap out of any Hasidic Jew they find off by themselves. If it’s a crowded place, they limit their activities to a hard shoulder and muttering “f—g Jew.”

Lots of videos of them in action recently, thanks to NYC’s omnipresent cameras.

Occasionally, they hang out outside shuls and scream obscenities at the Jewish people going in, trying to bait people into fights.

When they get older, they hang around subways and scream incoherently at Jewish people or, if not obviously Jewish people are available to harass, they scream at white people and Asians.

So, whatever people are saying they did, I unequivocally believe it without hesitation.


Wonderful adult behavior right here:


Hey, so, uh where was the school at again…?


Her parents raised a classy lady that’s for sure …


Brah, she’s a comedian, it was just a JOKE… Jesus, check your toxic masculinity.


Aw I just booked my ticket to the US…


I’m ready to walk back all of my previous statements. That kid clearly needs to be clobbered.


biggliest fake news of this thread


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Definitely not worth jail time …


I’ll let you know.




I used to use the Fresh Prince Intro melody:

‘Montecito born and raised
On the country club, where I spent most of my days.
chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ by the pool
and all Riding some horses as part of school’



I should probably just read about it more rather than writing


You should probably repeat step 1.


How many times?


and/or to what extent?


I think you might have issues completing it once.


It is a possibility that crossed my mind as well.


Don’t know … I don’t know what you’re idea of it is or your perspective is. You’ve only expressed a small portion and haven’t really told me what you think it is or how you think it relates to learning.


Death threats directed at children and fake bomb packages sent to the school. Because the media straight up lied.


Undeniably and categorically false. In every way that logic allows.

Because some people are fucking whackadoodles*

The media doesn’t have gorilla grodd powers