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The Covington Catholic Rorschach Test


Saw this on facebook. Too good not to share.


This is so true. I see it all the time bouncing, where I get paid to insert myself into situations ranging from awkward to uncomfortable to violent. A lot of people don’t have any sense of self-awareness when they are put in uncomfortable or awkward positions, believing that they’d handle things perfectly. This can range from “I would never stand there with a smirk on my face” to “I would have kicked the guy’s ass and stolen his girlfriend.”

No you wouldn’t.


I think a big part of the problem here is that the kid does seem to have a very punchable face lol. Maybe it’s the angle or the masculine jawline or something.




Most teenage boys do.


Lol if I was on the other side and a group fight breaks out, I’m going straight for that kid wearing the white cap right in the middle of the pic.

(Dudes, just joking, No need to get triggered)


He’s probably a state champ wrestler. I’ve seen a lot of little weirdos double-leg suckers right into the ground.


Screw him, He won’t beat my Wing Chun.


All learning is confirmation bias



Eh, as you said, ‘NEARLY’ always… so even if he does go fetch, it wouldn’t have any effect

Da fuq man?


It’s like Rush Limbaugh never existed. Or we could go back to Morton Downey.


Not that you need to like what I like, but, it might be of benefit for you to consider who “they” is.

Also that you say that you are not open to being fulfilled by experiencing what “they” have to offer, even the stuff which may not be like what you’ve previously experienced - that gives the sense of a sort of closedness, which very well may have something to do with what you sarcastically describe - age, racism, “privilege”. Not that age or “privilege” would lower you in my sight, it is my detection of sarcasm which draws me here

No disrespect intended

Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu


Ha ha well “they” in this case would be record companies and most of my experience with modern rap has been from two sources. My stepson’s big into the mumble rap stuff and whatever they’re playing on the hip-hop radio stations. I guess this means I get to share the same distinction my parents did of disliking the rap played by their children. Getting old for sure! The other source is the stuff the younger crowd plays at the bar I work at, which falls firmly into the auto-tuned garbage category for me.

I’ll check the links you posted out when I have time to sit down and listen though. I’ll always give something a chance. Most of the non-rap I listen to is not major label stuff and it sometimes takes a little work to find it. Thanks!


I’d argue true learning is challenging your confirmation bias … seeking out opinions/perspectives that contradict your initial hypothesis and attempt to disprove your initial assumption


This event has been a Rorshach test for sure, and if anyone doubted it, they could read this thread.

My thoughts? First, as a preface, it shouldn’t be news. It’s two individuals engaging in, really, private behavior. No one should care since (thankfully) no one got hurt. But this is news because - and I won’t mince here - we live in stupid, stupid age where every individual aligned with some political point of view - if caught on video - is way more than just an individual, he and his actions represents and speaks for the entire side of the political spectrum they align with. A guy in a MAGA does something obnoxious, all that obnoxiousness is imputed to “the Right”. Some left-wing loudmouth gets in someone’s face, it’s all imputed to “the Left”. And since it represents this larger political drama, it’s national news.

Stop it. Nope.

The kid was a jerk. He wasn’t innocently smiling - he was defiantly smirking, knowing full well what he was doing. Look at his friends in the background - smiling and cheering him on. He wasn’t some naive teenager suddenly confused by the presence of intimidating older adults, scared and smiling only because he ran of options in a panicked situation - he was a smug, adolescent punk looking to get high fives from his peers.

But - that’s the point: he’s a dumb 16 year old who does stupid things for attention.

The bigger issue is the Native American jerk starting nonsense with a kid. That was the far more improper move. What grown adult confronts a teenager and looks to instigate an event? This man should have taken on the Israeli Hebrews and protected these teenagers from the abuse heaped on them. As everyone around them should have.

Which brings me to the Israeli Hebrews - the worst actors in this whole event. I don’t need to go into detail - every body gets why they deserve the most scorn. But what puts this in a different category is that they are targeting their racist drivel at children.

Best result? How great would it have been if all of the various groups in the vicinity that day - otherwise without much in common - united and turned on these Israeli Hebrew scum in full unison? And stuck up for the kids, whose only crime was wearing MAGA hats?


I don’t think anyone said this. They were obviously heckling the other group back. As for the student everyone is talking about, people can both be defiant and smile in a situation like this to indicate they’re not going to do anything physical when someone from the other group approaches them. I’ve seen it happen a lot, and done it myself.


If it helps, rap has always been shit.


I have no idea if you have or not, but I highly recommend:

1). almost anything by Kendrick Lamar

2). J Cole’s album KOD

3). some of Big Sean’s work (a lot absolutely sucks, but some is decent) like One Man Can Change The World and Bigger Than Me

4). most of Logic’s work - he’s not amazing, but he’s got a good flow, is often clever, and can go fast, unlike most rappers today. His older stuff is best. Under Pressure is my favorite album by him. Oh! He made a song on his latest album with Wu Tang - Wu Tang Forever off of the album YSIV. If you like WTC, you should check that out. I grew up on 80’s-90’s rock and rap, so hearing them with a modern artist I enjoy was nice.

5). Not sure if you like Eminem, but I’ve always been a fan, and his latest album was pretty good. Kamikaze. Used some Beastie Boys artwork on the cover. He took a lot of shots at the music industry today. Also seemed butthurt about the poor reaction to his previous album, haha.

6). This one is less often thought of as a decent rapper by people in your age category, unlike, for example, Kendrick and J Cole, but I do enjoy A$AP Rocky. He’s cocky. Brags a lot about himself and his wealth, but I think he’s decent. I don’t believe he’s often, if ever, on the radio. Rarely hear him on the playlists at the bars I work at either.

7). Chance the Rapper. He’s pretty good. I think one of Wu Tang’s members, when asked about hip hop today, said they needed more Kendrick Lamars and Chance the Rappers.

8). I’m going to group all these together since I don’t love any of them but I think they all have certain songs that are decent - Jay Rock (WIN, OSOM); Lecrae (Church Clothes Three, All Things Work Together); Mac Miller (Self Care, Full Circle/God Speed); Macklemore (GEMINI was a fun album. Nothing super memorable but a good time); Montana of 300 (Heat Stroke, God Strong); Nipsey Hussle (Dedication); NF (How Could You Leave Us).

Sorry to hijack the thread! (Is there a music thread out there someone’s started?) But I like most of those rappers and find them pretty decent. Thought I’d share that. Noticed that these two were not included in your list, but I wondered what you thought of them - OutKast and Nas?


Good post.
I don’t fully concur kid was a jerk.

Like @twojarslave, l worked in a couple of bars in my early twenties. Maybe the kid was scared that the old man got in his grill. Talking smack with your frat bros is one thing, until biker daddy singles you out.
Just saying the grin may have been involuntary safety mechanism. Women do it all of the time.


If it isn’t The Beastie Boys it sucks.