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The Covington Catholic Rorschach Test


I still don’t understand why people assume the children weren’t innocent. What did they do? Is it the hat? It must be the hat. I don’t have a MAGA hat, but my 18 year old stepson does. I can guarantee you he’s not putting a lot of thought into his politics and he’s certainly not a racist. He couldn’t name one bill Trump’s signed. He’s got Somalian friends and some of them wear MAGA hats too. I doubt their knowledge of politics goes any deeper than his.

MAGA hats are cool in his circle of friends, which are mostly athletes at his high school. I think this mostly boiled down to annoying and unpopular weirdos at his school being Bernie and/or Hillary supporters and most of his hockey team being Trump supporters. Not a whole lot else going on with his policy reflections at that age, not with him anyway.

Now someone who doesn’t know anything about him or why anyone else might choose to wear that hat has decided MAGA hats are the new KKK hood. That’s ridiculous. Who decided the KKK hood was the KKK hood? The KKK. They were clear about what they believed and clear on their use of symbols.

A monopoly? No, not at all. But I think you can say they’ve cornered the market when it comes to the politics of personal destruction and widespread rhetoric that is rooted in the assumption that conservatives are acting in bad faith.

The MAGA hat is a perfect example. A bunch of people who don’t wear them have declared that it means something other than what it says on the hat, and now they expect everyone to give their feelings on the matter deference. If someone doesn’t, well, they’re fair game, just like these kids. They say it’s racist to wear a hat, so anyone who does must be.

We just saw this notion of racists hats deeply woven into an ongoing national narrative that succeeded in spreading blatant lies about innocent people to further a narrative. Even today, over a week after the entire video was made available, people (and at this point, mostly fringe news outlets) are still clinging to this falsehood. Almost every single major media outlet in America was still acting as if there were two valid viewpoints on this days after the entire footage was released. Very few clear retractions were issued. Nathan Philips was still being given interviews even after it was abundantly clear he was lying through his teeth.

I understand the Orange Man Bad point of view. I wish he’d get off of Twitter and act more presidential. But I also like that he punches back and I think we ended up electing the only guy in the field who would. I think that’s a big part of why he got elected.

That’s one of the reasons I like Dan Crenshaw so much. He’s a conservative who represents my policy positions well. He will get on TV and sit down with democrats and challenge their viewpoints and silly assumptions, but with a lot more dignity and class. Trump fights like a bully who’s only got a wild haymaker, Crenshaw fights like a jiu jitsu black belt. I really hope he runs for President in the coming decades.

Back to comparing conservative bad behavior to left wing bad behavior, there are many other examples where media narratives have resulted in tragic outcomes.

Much of Ferguson, Missouri was destroyed in riots. Looting and violence were wide-spread. Many people suffered. In the lead-up to that many blatant lies were spread in an effort to advance a political narrative that simply didn’t apply to the case of Michael Brown, who attempted a gun grab on officer Wilson while he was still in his patrol car, discharging a round in the process. There was no “hands-up, don’t shoot”, there was only a violent man who didn’t want to be apprehended assaulting an officer after he already escalated the encounter to one of lethal force. This became apparent weeks after the rush to judgement and media-fueled notion that Michael Brown was needlessly gunned down for no reason. Even after all of the facts are in, his mother was invited to speak at the DNC. The narrative is what matters, not the truth.

That’s not to say that there aren’t police shootings that are unjustified. There are, but the left-wing narrative isn’t interested in any facts beyond the races of the people involved. There are many, many examples of this rhetoric from mainstream media and mainstream politicians. The intention is clear. Keep the focus on police and not on any individual’s actions that lead up to the shooting. Advance the narrative by any means necessary, including omitting facts. Ignore cases that don’t fit the narrative. Sow division. Get votes. Get ratings. Get views and clicks.

Border security is another example. The same policy positions clearly stated by prominent democrats in the past have now become racist. The same actions taken by previous administrations are now racist. Abolish ICE is a serious policy position now, even as the one ICE agent I know spends days and weeks away from his family to pursue underage sex traffickers. If you don’t agree with these, it’s not out-of-bounds to call you a bad person with bad motives.

Where are the conservative equivalents? Where do you have examples of elected officials encouraging their constituents to do more than just debate ideas and vote? What about public figures like celebrities? I know Ted Nugent’s said some terrible things I don’t agree with, but what other examples do you have of conservatives characterizing their political opponents as enemies that can’t simply be voted out of power?


I’m not even in school anymore, but I feel like I attend his school. Weird.


Thanks for the compliment a couple of days back.

But you are welcome to also post these incidents of either Conservative, Christian, or Republicans inciting violence, obstructing normal political activities, subverting legistlation through judicial review, or the like.

To suggest both sides do it equally is laughable.
But posts the vids, since the leftist media/webz should have plenty.


Let me give you an exercise, @twojarslave

Let’s make these youth Black Youth with “NWA” hats on…(long disbanded; but a Rap Group still popular in the Black Community; who were “in-your-Face” like Trump).

Let’s have them “edged-on” by White Nationalist (who almost live on the Mall); and an elderly, white, “Vietnam Vet” (whether he served or not); or better still; an elderly, white, Pro-Life Demonstrator; walked between the groups…and one of those “NWA Hat Wearing thugs” (which is probably what he would have been called), “stood his ground” in the elderly Pro-Life Demonstrators face; smirked the whole time; while his Boys chanted some “NWA” lyrics or their schools “fight song”.

No need to answer. You would NOT have supported the youth one-iota.

Next…“the Left” being so much worse than “the Right”.

I look at both as bullies. “The Left” is more public and obvious…the Right does all, if not more, of the same shit…but they are more sneaky and covert about it…then scream how innocent they are…and "SEE! I’ve got the videos! It’s the LEFT!!! SEE???!!!


There is more than enough gutless hypocrisy to go around on both “sides”.


That’s ridiculous and, quite frankly, racist. Asshole behavior is asshole behavior. Getting up in someone’s face who isn’t bothering you is asshole behavior. You also assume an awful lot. Growing up in deplorable country, me and my friends all had treasured bootleg copies of NWA’s “Straight Outta Compton” and 2 Live Crew’s “As Nasty as They Wanna Be” when we were in elementary school. It was the shit back then. We copied copies of copies of tapes. Every kid in my neighborhood had one of each. I can still recite many of the lyrics.

Edit: We had KILLER rap music growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. Run DMC, Beastie Boys, NWA, 2 Live Crew, NWA solo projects like Easy E, Ice Cube, Dr. Dre. Never got into MC Ren. Snoops debut was insane. Wu Tang Clan and their solo projects. Liquid Swords is still one of my favorite albums.

Is it racist to say that most rap is total shit today? I’m sure some think so, but drill rap, mumble rap and whatever the fuck else they’re putting out doesn’t do it for me. Guess I’m getting old and probably deeply racist, privileged, blah blah blah.

Examples? I gave several. I can give more. It sounds like they should be easy for you to find.


I’m out.

I hope these Boys cure Cancer and solve World Hunger.


See ya around. Bring examples next time.


Why would they leave? Imagine if that’s all it took to shut down the March for Life (or, any gathering for any cause) , protesters (counter-protesters?) following them around. “Well, guess we should cancel so as to avoid trouble.” Assembling and gathering would effectively end.


Calls em as I sees em. You deserved the one you got.

Will absolutely give you this one. Apart from the enigma that is ObamaHate liberals move to violence more quickly.

You mean like Mitch McConnell’s on record public statement about how his only job was to vote against everything Obama touched? The statement that was clearly rippling through all of Congress in shared sentiment?

Blocking tons of Obama’s appointments, just being fuckin worse at it.

Stealing Obama’s SCOTUS pick.

cough Benghazi investigation
cough Russia investigation is a net profit to govt


A kid smiled at someone who approached him and his fellows, after an hour of racially motivated taunts by another group. The kids are closer to the model of how to behave then most adults at such gatherings.


Were they still protesting? Serious question - I don’t know. I thought they had maybe just stopped either as a break, or to meet with the rest of the group.

My reasoning is that if these children, as everyone refers to them as, were being harassed by adults, wouldn’t it seem like a reasonable thing for their chaperones to lead them away? They weren’t the kids parents. If I took some teens somewhere, and they weren’t my children/relatives, and some trouble arose, I’d just have the kids walk oh I don’t know, two blocks away, and avoid the trouble.

It wasn’t that the cops or the government was trying to deny them their basic freedoms, it was that some annoying people were bothering them. Staying there didn’t really improve or help at all, as it might if they were facing some real “danger” (cops/government). I would be all for it if that was the case, as I think that would show more resolve for their case. But it was just assholes heckling them. It could’ve been easily avoided.

I have been to a protest, and I have had rubber pellets and water cannons shot at me. I didn’t leave. If someone was just in my face and yelling at me, not really helping or hurting my cause, I’d walk away and find somewhere else to do what I needed to do.


These kids are a lot better behaved than I was at their age. In a situation where someone got in my face like that, I would have gotten physical regardless of whatever politics were involved.


I mean, the March of Life folks are about as peaceful as it gets. I don’t see why they should be forced out by a few racist fringers and a man wanting to stand right there in the middle of them.


I don’t think they needed to be forced out. Just walk a few hundred meters away. They can still do their thing. Did their protest go a lot better when

got in the way? Were they able to continue doing what they needed to do? No, not really. It kinda interrupted everything.


Heck they’re better than many adults. Oh no, they chanted louder than the people chanting/yelling at them! Did you see that smile on that boy’s face? Clutch the pearls and get my smelling salts, I feel faint with fright.


But then the counter protesters just walk a few hundred meters to confront you, again.

No, just stand your ground and smile.


I’d be surprised to see if they cared enough about them to follow them around a big city (meaning like with all the people surrounding them and everything). If they did, then sure, stay where you’re at. Otherwise, ignore them and leave.


I mean, they cared enough to show up and stand there for at least an hour to taunt some “crackers.” Feels almost like victim blaming. There’s no victim, really. Still, the kids were participating in a legal assembly. Why should any part of that assembly move if permitted to be there?


Regarding the smile, that’s how I usually see normal people behave when they want to stand their ground while indicating that they’re not going to engage in physical force.

People are forgetting that something like this has the potential to turn violent depending on the type of people involved.


OK dude.