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The Covington Catholic Rorschach Test


I need to clarify (and I’ll let @zecarlo respond in the way he wishes, since I was agreeing with his statement).

It IS a big deal…(as the National Discourse…if you can call it that…has proven)…

And any threats against anyone or their family is unacceptable and against all that I stand for and believe in.

What I DO agree with is there were enough assholes to do around…and the “children” were the least of them.

On a somewhat related topic…when you guys have thought about the threats people receive (ESPECIALLY the anonymous/internet ones)…how many do you think come from “the same side” of the one threatened in order to make “the other side” look even worse?

I honestly don’t think that the numbers are small at all…


I’m guessing I’ve been threatened online over 500-1000 times and I’ve just posted on various message boards since I was 20.


Try buying an xbox. I’m just north of smart enough with tech to trace someone’s IP on a public game if they don’t have the most basic stuff in place. I could have addresses and names inside of a week on hundred of criminals.


Well yes, intent can matter in cases where context makes it easy to determine. “Cubs fans must die” would be a clear example of that. I don’t think any of the threats in question have that sort of context. Something is either a clear threat, or it’s not, and the prosecutor already seems to believe that hundreds of threats in this case are.

Otherwise it’s been nice chatting, have a good evening @pfury!

I think it is quite common. This is part of the reason I think Twitter is such garbage. Some anonymous jackass says something stupid or threatening. Nobody can put a name or face to the tweet, but various news outlets run with it and use it to paint the other side. You see this from both sides all the time, reporting on stupid tweets from nobody. Some threatening, some not. No way to know who actually said it or what their intentions were.

Nothing said on Twitter should be newsworthy.


Yeah I’m not disagreeing with a lot of what you’ve posted but this is pretty hard core partisan hyperbole. I don’t think this is indicative of some major brewing shit. It’s not new for media outlets to screw up and in the age of everyone has a video make mistakes. Everyone has to be first to report and get a reaction that’s just the way our shitty feed me content society is now.

Kudos to those who apologized for over reacting based on a limited amount of evidence. Even more stuff may come out who knows. I just can’t really get on board with this being some type of massive “civil war” type story. If kids can win some money over libel in court more power to them.


I’m not suggesting conservatives and liberals are going to line up and massacre each other in huge formations, or even small ones.

I’m calling it a “cold civil war” because it isn’t a “hot” or violent war. But you still have people who are abandoning the assumption of good faith and treating people who they don’t agree with as an enemy who needs to be destroyed, not a fellow citizen who they simply disagree with on policy. The “attacks” take the form of online outrage mobs, doxing people, demanding so-and-so get fired, mobbing businesses and individuals, all very real actions with very bad intentions towards other people because of different politics.

This is not isolated to fringe whackos living off the land in Montana or open communists in Berkley. You can’t have a war of any kind, hot or cold, without an enemy, and there are WAY too many people who see the other side as an enemy. Once you consider someone your enemy, it makes sense to take actions that go FAR beyond simply casting your vote or discussing/arguing policy.

We’re there right now, and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


Why do you think that is?:wink:


People don’t like when someone points out they are incorrect of course.

Seriously though talking about politics on the internet really strikes the passion of some people I guess. And sadly I’ve been doing this for some reason for a while.


I was speaking more to this incident in particular as being something that goes way beyond what we’ve seen before. I also reject the notion that “the left” has a monopoly on over reacting or mistreating people. The person who holds our highest office is basically one giant internet troll dickhead who treats mostly everyone like garbage. And “the left” didn’t elect him.

I think the internet has simply changed the way these partisan battles play out. We don’t really get on phones and make signs. The calling for people to get fired/doxing usually goes way too far but it’s just easier now. Through in everything being taped and it’s just another thing on top.


Another thing I reject, @H_factor

That “The Right” is some innocent minority; keeping any semblance of America together; while being besieged on all sides by hoards of Liberal Barbarians.

Even this incident has taken a surreal turn…as these “children” are being portrayed as innocent bystanders merely waiting on their Church Bus where they could continue to Pray for World Peace.

No question that the “adults in the room” were complete shits and racist (especially the “Lost Tribe”)…but I doubt that smirking, testosterone laden/Maga-Hat wearing dipshits were preparing for Mass.


So by the statements l read here
It is not okay to go to a monument if you are a white or Christian teenager, wear a slogan that does not meet approval of one world order, not slink away in deference when men old enough to be your father or grandfather scream cracker or physically seek you out and get directly into your physical space chanting and banging a drum.

The fact of the matter is that it is the Left that instigates this crap nearly always.
If l am wrong, then post your proof. There are 1000s of examples of antisocial acts of Leftish misdeeds on the internet/print media.

And to save you the trouble of but Trump, Trump, he was a lifelong Democrat/Liberal. So not unusual he is a jerk in the same order.


Is any of the hate for the kids because they are from Kentucky?

Does anyone else see an Anti Southern bias?


My point is made by your opening statement, @treco…and the fact that you feel “the Left” instigates it all.

And now even Trump is a jerk…because he actually is a Liberal…

And so it goes…


I can only speak for myself…

No…I don’t have “hate” for them…but I am also not bending over backwards to express their innocence.

Why? I was a dipshit of a Teenage boy once, surrounded by other dipshits. I doubt much has changed.


Offer your proof of the Right, as l said nearly always.
And you literally wrote


I did…



So my defense of Christian having same rights is bigoted, while your disparagement is not?

Point is no matter whether you or any liberal here or elsewhere, somehow dislikes the MAGA slogan or that the kids didn’t bow down, they had ight to be there, wear a hat that some dislike, and refuse to be physically bullied by grown men and a hostile media/web sphere.


What the hell, @treco…!

Where did I call, or even suggest, that someone was bigoted? (Besides “The Lost Tribe?”)

Is there a little Transference going on?


Fuggin snowflakes man. Disregard stuff like that.

It’s because things are only bad to do if the OTHER guy does it.


As far as I’m concerned, the kids response was fine and they handled the situation as well as can be expected of high school students.

They were just standing there waiting for their buses for crying out loud.