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The Covington Catholic Rorschach Test


In b4 lies.

He quit the force before blowing ones heads off? I mean we are dealing with a super calm rational person. I can’t see how power and firearms could possibly lead to a bad time.


Every time you get a gun, some dope, a violent offender, etc… There’s a very good chance you saved a life. (@95 % of our homicides are black victims/black suspects)You certainly make the community safer. There are way more pro police minorities than the reverse but sadly they’re far too fearful to show support because of reprisal which is enabled by sjw morons, self loathing whites and leftist cocksuckers that don’t even live in these communities.

I’ve also gotten them jobs, shoes, paid kids money out of my pocket to pick up trash, etc… Any wonder why i take it personally when some irrelevant do-nothings on the internet regurgitate worn out stereotypes and peddle lies and bunk ?


Bro. This is clearly your first cycle. Taper down a bit and calm the fuck down. Maybe drop the Tren is all I’m saying. You’re way saltier than is cald for.


Posts this then proceeds to go nuts on random people with a dose of fuck dem minorities before the usual I’m not racist save “I love them and do more for them than you!”

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. Internet message board. Not that important.


Words, kid. Im just a former Marine. It’s how we talk. Smoke your own dope.


=/=… You tried though.


Stating verifiable facts isn’t giving a “fuck you” to minorities. You pukes have such low expectations of them it’s quite undignified and degrading. No wonder you loons are always completely unhinged emotionally.


Not all marines. Kinda like not all minorities. But you seem to be not screaming at the keyboard so we will all call it a win.

Oh no you posted while I did. You’re all hot and bothered again.

Point on the doll where the Democrat touched you.


*Marines. Big M.

Any original thoughts of your own, pee wee ? Im apolitical so your canned bullshit was a fail.


Pee wee now? Did we get tired of sjw? Leftists? Apolitical though. Or you talking about dudes sucking cock?

Nah I’m good. Take your blood pressure meds!


Maybe end with

“the postings on this site are my own and don’t represent Marine Corps’ positions or opinions.”


Damn those sjws who enable gang vengeance.


You all talk like you’re doing a poor impression of Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge?


*You’re all talk… Illiterate douche.

You’re irrelevant, kid. Lay off the soy. Get some real world experience. Being guided by your psychotic emotions and laughable fantasies is kinda pitiful really. Pats on head. Nighty night lil’ fella. I’m down at lake getting ready for spring fishing tournaments. Maybe I’ll let you clean my bass boat or outhouse some time.


A sport with almost no black people. I’m hardly surprised. Good luck. Fuck those fish :tropical_fish:


You do realize you’re also posting on an anonymous forum.

I assume you don’t believe in catch and release. Unless the fish pays you off.




Benefit of the doubt. But no not an actual sport. I don’t remember Grandpa waking me up at 5 am to head to Table Rock and “saying stretch well it’s sport time!”


Made me think… is sport fishing more of a sport than bodybuilding (a beauty pageant for dudes)? Maybe.


Anyone else get the very very strong feeling this guy has handed out a beating before while saying 'Why do you make me do this?!?’