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The Covington Catholic Rorschach Test


Change your tampon, cunt.


You’re such a snowflake.


Check into some Arimidex, kid. And “snowflake,” ? How original…derp


Derp is original?

I just wish you’d post more often so it would leave you with less time to frame and assault minorities.


Lol. I left the dept. some time ago you stupid fuck. You sjw dildos are a hoot. Minorities need no help finding themselves in trouble. Sorry, but over 90% of victim statements of suspect descriptions are of minorities. Perhaps you impotent cowards could encourage them to follow very simple and reasonable laws.


Is raj back?


Why, when it’s easier for badasses like you to just shoot them?


i lol’d


Lol…you’re more likely to be struck by lightning or die by bee sting than killed by a cop you dimwit. Btw, minorities (i.e. blacks) kill @48% of police killed in l.o.d. despite their much lower population numbers. Context matters to non SJW cunts. Those odds typically decline when you don’t act like an entitled cretin and follow simple commands, don’t resist, don’t try to disarm a cop or assault them. You’re a joke, kid. Bow out. I’d bet $100 you also believe that Jussie Smollet douchebag’s story, too.


I bet you’re a real hoot at the clan parties.


The thing about stats is…it depends on the cop. Take you for example; a minority’s chances of getting shot for " making a sudden move" are pretty much 100% if you are the one racially profiling him.


I admit I haven’t been invested in this “conversation” but does it seem like this came out of left field to anyone else?


More importantly: Raj joined a police force? Oh shit.


Assuming he leaves his mom’s basement he’d be a lock for that job.

Imagine how hard it’d be to nail that precinct for hate crimes when it’s an India guy raging about how stupid minorities are.


*Klan … You geeks are tedious. Ironically, I’ve done more for minorities in a shift than you fucking worms will ever do in a lifetime. Life must be miserable in your sjw fantasy world echo chamber.

You douchebags have zero credibility.


You would know the correct spelling.

You also wrote “done more for” when I think you meant to write “to”.


The babyrage is getting a bit off topic for a Jesus thread, and I take derail bait like it’s my job.


I’m really just wondering who the SJW is - I don’t think that applies to anyone here


What have you done that’s helped them? Just curious.


You seem to be really worked up over this. You’re talking to anonymous people on a message board. Go smoke a joint. You don’t even have to talk to a black person to get it.