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The Covington Catholic Rorschach Test


I don’t keep up with Infowars, but what kind of slander/libel came from them in regards to Sandy Hook parents? Criminally, what did they do to that was meant to cause or incite imminent lawless action?


I would assume it was Alex Jones telling his viewers that the school shooting didn’t actually happen, and that the parents were paid by the govt to orchestrate a school shooting so they could take everyones guns

Here you go

My favorite

The media mogul’s defence team claims that it is his constitutional right to invent stories and that no reasonable person would take Mr Jones’ words as fact.


Evaluate your life then man. How else would you find out that something’s turning our frogs gay, Obama caused hurricane Sandy to beat Mitt Romney, governments are straight up faking bombings and school shootings, etc.

Don’t trust the liberal media. They aren’t telling these type of stories. Also they are part of the deep state that did 9/11. Illuminati, Bilderberg, Jews.

Just cause you ain’t paranoid doesn’t mean they ain’t out to get ya.


Who’s me? The gay frogs, or the liberal media that’s part of the deep state and does Jews? Are those two even different?


Good point.


Eh. I wish it was better. Pointing out the hypocrisy of the right (while always fun) definitely doesn’t absolve the left of its woes. Pound for pound, I’d still say the right will never touch the level of bad reporting/news that we see from the left.

Obviously most of this comes from the left having a good stronghold on the MSM. They probably do roughly equivalent ‘per capita.’ (assuming we’re allowed to count the Obama years)


The Jews control the liberal media which is part of the deep state. They work together to make the frogs gay.

Keep our frogs straight like God intended


You’re pretty smart. Are you sure you’re not a deep gay Jewish frog?


Cover’s blown. I’m actually a gay frog. :frog:


Alex Jones is a prophet of our times, and his rhetoric is above reproach.


You can’t hide forever.


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I’ll confess that I don’t know exactly what he told his viewers; but if that’s about correct, I can’t imagine how that could be seen as something meant to cause or incite imminent lawless action.

As for defamation/libel/slander, I still don’t see how anything that’s been said is damaging to the reputations of the parents.


You don’t see how their reputations would be damaged by accusing them of being paid govt plants designed to fake a school shooting so the govt can take away gun rights?

Quick question. Do you believe the maga hat kid had his reputation damaged?


No, because I don’t believe they were making money as anti-government or pro-gun activists.



Then happy to report we’ve cleared the fence into agree to disagree territory.

Have a good one


It’s worth noting that I may be wrong, because Mama seems to have enjoyed basking in the fame brought by the shooting:

"Noah was the youngest victim of the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, murdered about half an hour after his father dropped him off. A sweet-faced, big-eyed, brown-haired boy, his tiny body took multiple bullets. His jaw was blown off, as was his left hand, and his beloved Batman shirt was soaked with blood. For his funeral, his mother, Veronique, insisted he have an open casket.

‘I want the world to see what they did to my baby,’ she said at the time."

Veronique, who is this “they” you mention? Are you a conspiracy theorist or something?


I would assume ‘they’ is the people who were sending them death threats and didn’t believe their son had been killed.

Ya know, since that was the whole point

Edit: NVM I just realized youre quoting the part about the 1955 shooting