The Cost of TRT Protocols: How Much Are You Guys Paying?

Hey T-Nation,

Things have been great for me on TRT. Had a bout with high E2 in the beginning (E2 @96 and Free T @1500) so I dialed things back and introduced AI and all is good. Stronger, libido is awesome, muscle growth and no complaints so far after being on for the last 5 months.

That being said, I was curious to how much everyone is paying for their 90 day supply… Right now I go to a Anti-Aging/Wellness clinic for my TRT. They’re located in FL and New England and have been good to me. BUT! I’m noticing these guys might be on the extreme in terms of cost and here’s why:

My protocol I receive every 10 weeks:
-2 Vials of 5000iu of HCG
-1 Vial of Test Cyp

  • Anastrozol
  • Syringes
    TOTAL COST= $450 every 10 weeks

I wanted to soon introduce peptides, specifically CJC 1295 / Impamorelin due to the ability for great fat loss and lean bodymass. But these guys are asking $550 for 30 day supply or $1000 for 60 day supply.

Are these guys way over priced than most or on par with the market?

Lastly, does everyone go to a TRT doc or maintain with UG supply?


I pay $150/month. I get 10ml 220mg/ml every 7 weeks (or whenever I ask for it) along with 1mg/week anastrozole (I don’t take it) or 20mg Nolvadex plus syringes sent to me via mail. I think hcg is around another $50 but I don’t take it.

Not sure about peptides.

I pay $20 every 30 days for 10ml of 100mg/ml cypionate. So $240 a year. I go through my PCP and an endocrinologist so its covered by insurance. Oh I do take UGL tamoxifen @ $30 per 30ml of 20mg/ml tamoxifen citrate. So doing the math that comes out to around $384 per year before syringes etc so roughly $400-$425 annually.

I pay about $120 a month for 5ml of Test and syringes, then blood work every 3 months is about $250 followed by a $90 consult.

I go stricly UGL and I pay $38 for a vial of Test eth. At 250mg/week, thats 10 weeks worth for $38 plus syringes. No AI, no HCG.

You can legally obtain peptides for your “research” online at way less costs than that.


I’m fine going with a reputable UGL. It chaps my ass that I’m paying $450 for Cyp and HCG when I can have a year supply for that amount.

HCG I take because we still plan on having kids AND I like having my nuts at normal size (I’m 37).

I’m on the fence about the peptides anyways but it started this whole information gathering on how much more I’m paying.

meh…nut shrinkage makes your cock look bigger


I concur, lol

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Lol no issues in the cock dept but I catch your drift. I let them atrophy once during a cycle…Never again.

I pay $6 a month through my endo

I pay a $50 consult every time I see the doc, so unless changing something drastically, every 3 months. Was $40 labs for test and E2 but recently added thyroid so may go up. Not sure how well insurance will cover them, $90 more if I just pay out of pocket like I do for test. Then it is $60 for a 10ml vial that will last me 2-3 months depending on dosing. So yearly with just test was looking at around $600 a year, unless I add labs above what my doc normally would run.

I pay 165 per month at a Men’s Clinic - out of pocket but it’s totally worth it and I make enough so it’s doesn’t bother me.

I get all my syringes, pins plus my Test C-100 (QTY 2 vials of 6mil) plus all my lab work. I’m on 200mg a week plus 1mg of anastrozole.


$175/yr. $150 ea time I do blood work.

I hope they take you to dinner and kiss you after they finish f’ing your wallet.

I basically pay $50 for 10ml of test c. $70 for 10ml of hcg. $20 for 100 needles and syringes.

If I bleat when I speak, it’s because I’ve just been fleeced - AL Swearengen

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1 vial of sust 250 cost me about 8 USD the brand is organnon from memory.
HCT is 50USD for 1 box of 3 vials

Mine is completely free.

Hey, at least the V.A. is good for something, finally.

Curently not paying except doctor visits to my primary(co-pay) every 3 months 100mg test cyp a week l(insurance covers)and my doc provides me with my needles and syringes.

I am going through a clinic now and paying $320 out of pocket for 10 weeks worth of supplies. That’s 10ml Test C, 5000IU HCG, AI and syringes. I have an appointment with a new PCP next month. I am hoping he will write a script for it since I am already on it. That way I can continue my treatment program and save a bunch of money buying it myself and shopping around.