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The Conundrum With My Training


Heres the deal. I really enjoy following the westside template for my workouts...2 ME days and 2 DE Days. The problem is that my volume is probably too high and I am not recovering. With that being my known problem, I still can't seem to solve it.

Like many of you, I not only go the the gym for my health but I also go to beat the piss out of myself and relieve some stesses. I don't want to go on DE day and just do one main exercise, even if I am supposed to be putting forth the most power I can....what I want to do is to keep going with other body parts and trying to obliterate them (and more often that not that is exactly what I do).

How many days do most of you guys train? I am in my mid- thirties and have been training for about 14 years. I know I am supposed to lower the volume and train more intensely more often. The issue is I don't feel I can "beat myself up" enough in those short, but intense sessions (i.e. Six sessions a week).

Now that this is clear as mud...any suggestions?


Bro you ID'd the problem weve all had it. If what your doing is effecting the ME day STOP. Yhea its a bitch but save that energy for the ME day and use DE for what its for. Just think how damn amped youll be for your ME days if you do.

You should be able top MORE then beat your self up in two ME session as well if not Id check the intensity. Also coming into those session a bit more fresh should allow you to turn it on a bit more