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The Continental

Anyone know how to perform this? videos?


(sorry, it’s been a long day.)

[quote]pushmepullme wrote:

(sorry, it’s been a long day.)[/quote]

That’s the first thing I thought of too.

Its a way to help train the Clean. Im just not exactly sure how to perform it.

take a alternating grip, much like your deadlift stance and grip. Then you basically high pull it up and catch it on your chest. While its resting on your upper chest you lean backwards (think old school strongman overhead press) and flip one of your hands so you know have a double overhand grip. Then overhead press it.

Hopefully that makes sense.

now that i think about it some guys will rest in on there belt after high pulling, then brute strength it up to the chest. Continentals are usually pretty ugly / never smooth

thats exactly what i was looking for thanks, yeah that pretty much matches the description i vaguely remembered…Thanks!

type it in on youtube

The way we’ve done them is…

  1. take clean grip
  2. pull it up above your dick and hitch it in there nice and tight
  3. clean it or power clean it.