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The Constitution of the USA

BostonBarrister wrote:

A strict constructionist IS against reading stuff into the Constitution that isn’t there, reading stuff out of the Constitution that is there, or generally changing the meaning of what something was understood to mean when it was written [/quote]

Being an evil bastard myself, I can’t help speculate what this might mean for the Second Amendment. The Bill of Rights sets out the limits of federal power, but in this case it is not unqualified. You know, the “well-regulated militia” bit and the “defense of these states” bit.

At the very least, it should require every gun-owner to show up on the town green after church on Sundays for a half-day of exercises…

It is also a question, whether the choice of weapon is entirely up to the individual? Given that handguns are entirely useless for the stated purpose, ahouldn’t at least an Armalite (or an AK-47 as a budget option)be required? Individual towns could then pool their resources and have their very own anti-aircraft batteries. It would be inspiring to see the the 1st Fargo Grandmas Tank Squadron roll across the plains.