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The Concept Of MALE Beauty: Has It Shifted As Much As The Female?

Let me start off by saying YOU GUYS ARE GREAT! In a little over 7 months on this site, I have LITTERALLY learned more about the IronGame, Nutrition, etc. than in 10 previous years. Now…on to the post…

In High School, I would have KILLED to look like Marc Singer in the "BeastMaster" series.(And I had NO CLUE how to achieve it; where was "Testosterone" then?) While I now favor a LITTLE more muscle for myself, that basic "ideal" (for me)has really not changed that much. And if you look at his lines and development then, it really was the look (with a little more muscle) of Michalangelo's "David". The same can be said for the "Men's Health" guys. Now...this may be the imprinting of a unfulfilled desire on a High School boy, but it begs the question: has the male "ideal" changed as much as the female? Has the ideal for YOURSELF (male readers) changed over time? I'm heterosexual. What about the male ideal (over time) for our gay friends? And for the Vixens (especailly Patty, because of a previous post): has the concept of the "beautiful male" changed for you over time? Do ladies REALLY favor the "lean, skinny type?" or the "machine boys?" Your thoughts...

Personally, since I’m tall (5’11") I have always prefered “big” guys. My concept of what looks good hasn’t changed. I love the big muscular look - but I’d even prefer a guy with a little excess fat than a skinny little anorexic looking guy. To me, tall, big framed guys are awesome.

I’m pretty short, 5’1", and I like guys just under 6’. I have always been into the ‘big’ guys, and I don’t mean fat. For lack of a better term, I am built pretty solid (no one has ever confused me with a waif!!!) I have always liked guys who, in comparason, make me look little and delicate. I don’t like the huge gorilla men, but definately don’t go for the lean type. I have found that the longer I have been serious about lifting the more ‘picky’ I get about the men I consider dateing. I figure that if I spend hours and hours in the gym every week working on my body, they had better care about their appearence too. Perhaps this is a shallow view, but it’s the way I feel.

(Crossing my fingers so the moderators let this through)
My ideal physique has always been the same. Since I’m about 5’5" with broad shoulders, and was an avid comic book reader in my youth, here is what I’m shooting for:


HINT: Look at the guy on the right.

I think the ideal is different for each woman, kinda like it is for guys to one degree or another. I do know when I was 6’5" and 160 I couldnt get a date if I PAID for one!! For myself, I will never be Arnold…I dont have the frame…I was blessed with the ectomorphic frame (lucky me…lol)…however, as most of you know, it is now a 245-250 pound frame. Is it within me to be a 320 pound gorilla…nope…never will happen. Do I want to be…nope. I have found tho that as a tall ectomorph it is easier to get that nice well built symmetrical look that turns most womens heads. It is kinda funny…when I was 160 pounds…I would have traded bodies with ANYBODY. Now…despite the ectomorphic frame…I am beyond happy with my build…and really have found that putting some size on an ectomorphic frame…really looks damn good (from the looks the ladies give me every summer at the pool or beach) Will I ever be sporting 20" guns? Nope…I doubt it is possible…but I do have a 33" wasp waist at 6’5" so it helps everything up top look bigger. I guess all I am trying to say is if you look to attain the “ideal” I think you will be disappointed…if you look to maximize what YOU have and take advantage of your personal physical attributes…you are going to be a lot happier in the long run!!

As usual, excellent thread Mufasa.

Being 5’11 and 240 pounds I obviously subscribe to the ‘bigger is better’ ideal. I have never understood women that go for the ‘little boy/girl look’ i.e. Leonardo Dicraprio, etc.

I like women that look like women, surely the ideal of any T-Vixen is to go for men that look like men.

demo - honey, if you ever look like wolverine you just come on over to my house!!! (ok, yes, i have a few thousand comics at my house)

Mufasa, I can’t believe you brought up the Beast Master analogy. It was one I used to use back in the day! And, exactly like you, my goal is to be just a tad bigger than that. That’s my personal preference, and in most of my experiences, girls prefer that “athletic” look over the muscle-bound look. But, there are also babes out there like Michele and Ironbabe who probably wouldn’t see me hidden behind a lamp post, ha ha. I want to look good both nekkid and in clothes. Clothing, however, has become hard now. I just went to buy a new suit and, well, they don’t exactly come in my size … no 43 jackets for only a 34 waist. I had to settle on the 42 jacket, which still, although snug on the shoulders, makes me look like I’m concealing a keg in my belly. When will the market recover so I can get some custom-made threads! And I’m not that big! I feel for you larger guys.

GrowtH - I feel your pain, my man. Have had my fair share of clothing woes. Posted here a while back about clothing and got a great tip to check out Rheingold Fashions (Poughkeepsie, NY). Lori is great, especially with new customers. And they do custom stuff. Also, check out Hannibal Apparel. They have some great suits, but the sizes start at 48 (I needed a 45). They can do some custom work. I found the pants at Hannibal to fit great. Might be worth checking out.

Apparently, I do already. Last week, I was at a friend’s place after work drinking a beer and smoking a stogie (bad habits, I know, but ya gotta enjoy life) and my buddy says (in a dead on Tony Soprano) “You sir, scare the shit out of me sometimes. I keep waitin’ for the claws to pop.” I swear, I got a little teary eyed. Then, when I was preparing that picture post a girl I work with (who is STUNNING) walked behind my computer, saw that pic, and said “I have the BIGGEST crush on Wolverine.” Then I got the elevator eyes and she did a double take. HA! She’s WAY too young for me, though. Maybe I should just move to Canada and start my career as a “Professional Adventurer”. Thanks for making my day, darlin’.

I am currently 233 at 6’2 at 11% bf. I have been as heavy as 270 at 17-18% bf. I like the way I look at heavier weights. My girlfriend likes me at my current weight, but my family would perfer me lighter. I definatly did the best with women when I was lighter. My freshman year of college I was 190 at 7% bf. I always felt way too skinny back then; however I met tons of girls and had lots of dates. I think most women like the Brad Pitt in fight club look vs Arnold.

Demo-I think I’d want to look more like the guy on the left.

when i dated guys, i liked athletic looking guys but not biiiigg guys. the physique that turns my head most is that of rowers. those guys are lean, well-muscled and well-balanced (no chicken legs on them boys!). i also like sprinters’ bodies – solidly muscular but not (what i would call) oversized.

HA! The guy on the left is Juggernaut (for anyone who cares). He stand 6’10" and tips the scales at 900 lbs. I’m 5’5", so his look is definitely not gonna happen. Besides, I already have the chest and facial hair. That, and the fact that Juggernaut always looked like a walking, talking penis to me.

Think that’s tough? Try finding denim jeans for a 30 inch waist and a 29 inch inseam. The only ones that fit me correctly for length are made for friggin’ KIDS! And they don’t slide too well over my quads, either. I’m forced to resort to baggy jeans cinched up like crazy.

Has the concept of male beauty shifted as much as female? Well, back in the day (I’m 40 so I remember…) I had the biggest crush on John Travolta in ‘Saturday Night Fever’ and then ‘Welcome Back Kotter’. Look at those today and he is one skinny kid. Compare that to what’s appearing in Abercrombie & Fitch catalogs (does it for me). These guys are probably closest to being the current manifestation of the ‘ideal male physique’. (Think of all the adverbs: fit, casual, youthful, active, fun, desirable, approachable, healthy, clean, also-as it is still in most advertising-white). Most of (western) society’s ideals are declared by way of use in advertising. You really don’t see many guys the size of WWFrs in retail. And there seems to be a far stronger emphasis on youth than I ever recall. (The hottest demographic target being ‘tweens’ ages 10-15.) Puts even more ‘pressure’ on guys my age simply because you feel a bit out of the loop. There seems to be a missing generation from, say, 35 or so to 50. And I am not ‘boo-hoo-ing’ here, simply trying to put into type my observations of a changing male ideal. I’m plowing along and doing my best to look like those Abercrombie guys. Not hulkingly large but noticeably large. Fit and not ‘extreme’ (Arnold as an example). To have such a physique is strangely enough a sort of status symbol. ‘If he has time to work out he must have a terrific job, lots of money and lots of time to spend on himself.’ Truth is I just make the time. No matter how late it is or where I am.

Dude, you had me laughing my ass off. I suppose we just need to deal with not being “average.” It’s worth the hassles. I was just happy that I didn’t have to grab my suit from the portly section!

Yeah, but it still sucks trying to get a date when ya’ gotta wear “Toughskins”.

Geez- good thing I’m married. I wouldn’t stand a chance!!! 5’4" (it’s the Japanese heritage), 185, built big. I don’t fit anyone’s ideal (except the most important person in my life, thank God!). Good thing I decided a long time ago that I only do this (bodybuild)for myself. I noticed that I usually don’t get a second look from women, except 50+ women and also gay men, not that there’s anything wrong with that,LOL.

From the moment I picked up a weight I knew how I wanted to look, that image has never changed…nor will it. because the image im my mind is the look I desire…not societies, not my girlfriends, not my families. I think of that image everyday I enter the gym.