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The Compound Lift


Do any of you guys (and gals) ever get a "rush" from doing compound lifts?

For example; I was doing deadlifts yesterday with the 10x3 scheme. Did a few warm ups at 225 (I'm small, I know), then started into the workout out, with 275. After set 4 or 5, it's almost like a switch flips and I get really focused/excited/pumped/whatever, and my lifts get much better. I finished off the last 5 sets at 300. I'd like to be doing the entire scheme at 315lbs within the month.

So to paraphrase, I feel sort of lazy on the first few sets, then I get a rush and away we go. Same thing with front squats. This never seems to happen when I'm doing say, shoulder presses or curling in the squat rack (hehehe...I kidd, I kidd)...

If this adrenaline or the CNS getting excited or just normal?


I think it might be lack of a warm up, or working into your sets of 275.

Do you jump from those warm up sets of 225 to 275? or do you get a set @ 245 then maybe another at 260?

One day last week I felt like you did, and when I got back to that workout this week I made smaller jumps while working into my real work sets and ended up hitting a PR.


a rush? maybe an adrenaline rush.

I generally get a good adrenaline rush when hitting a heavy snatch or clean and jerk. I'm on a high rep program and I'm doing triples with >90% of my 1RM and it definitly gets easier to approach the bar after the first set.


First I spend 10mins or so stretching...

I do one set of 5 reps with 135 to loosen up, then 2 sets with 225. Then I start my workout and go right to 275 and progress as stated from there.


When I started out, I would have a similar effect during 8-12x3's. Part of it is that your still warming up. Part of it is CNS "waking up," and part of it is your form coming back(since as a newbie, it takes a few sets to figure out the motor pattern). I would always think the first couple sets were really hard, then I'd start to feel like it was easy for 3-5 sets, then the last few would really suck the life outta me.


It's normal especially when doing BIG compound lifts.


Try it this way...

Start with 135 for 5
... then get your work sets in @ 275, or if you have more, hit 275 for 3 and then slap more weight on.

The sets of three leading upto your work sets aren't so much for getting work in, but so your body isn't shocked when you go right after your target weight.

What do you think will be easier? Going right after a max deadlift PR attempt, or working into that PR attempt?



I see what you're saying, working into it will produce bigger numbers, as opposed to just showing up and trying to bang out a PR...hello injury ville!


My 5 cents:

I get this also from heavy compound movements. I love it, I love it even more than setting a 1RM in competition. Training is what it is all about.