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The Complete Power Look


Hey CT,
I recently came across the Complete Power Look program and think it looks awesome. I love oly lifting though and the athletic benefits they provide. I was wondering if doing cleans once a week to start the workout and snatches once a week to start wouldn’t interfere with the original program. Nothing crazy volume wise, but something like 3x3 or 5x2 to maintain solid technique work over the 10 weeks and keep the added benefits of oly lifts.

Also, to keep conditioning up do you think it would interfere if I did a short loaded carry medley at the end of the workouts 2 days a week for a finisher on days where I didn’t start with cleans or snatches?

I was thinking snatches+front squat day, loaded carries+bench day, cleans+deadlift day, loaded carries+push press day.


It should be fine if you don’t go crazy with the Olympic lifts. I would recommend doing cleans with front squats and snatches with desdlift thought.

Don’t do any loaded carries for the two weeks. See how your body is responding. If you are handling the workout well and recovering (be honest with yourself) you can add them on ONE day for 1-2 weeks. If your body is handling the volume (again, be honest) you can add them on a second day.


Thanks so much for the response and advice, I’ll be starting after Christmas break so I’ll comment back in 12ish weeks with an update on how it went when I finish!