The Complete Power Look Suitable for Overweight Beginner?

Hi guys, i have decided to start one of Christians Routines, The complete power look on the advice of another poster in a previous thread.

Im wondering is it Suitable to a new beginner lifter who is overweight and will be in a 10-20% Caloric deficit? and if i follow the program to the letter is it as effective as say a full body 3x a week routine? thanks guys.

Are there any tips you guys can give me to keep me on track? thanks so much

-Greg, United kingdom

No in both cases.

  1. It is NOT a program for beginners. You need to be really solid technique-wise on the big basics and already have a good base of strength training to use this program

  2. It is NOT a program to do on a caloric deficit since it is heavily based on maximum recovery from workout to workout to follow the planned progressing; which you wont be able to do on a caloric deficit

ty for the quick response, which of your programs do you recommend to a beginner, if any? thanks

I’m sorry, I don’t have a program geared at beginners. You might want to look up Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe

thank you for your personal replies christian. regarding your complete power routine. im a very determined individual when i put my mind to something, if i were to make alot of effort over the next couple of months to learn the main lifts inside out, would i then be able to go on to the above routine?, or are there other factors at play here that i dont see that makes it unsuitable for newer lifters? i wont bother you again thank you.

Obviously not CT here so take the following with a grain of salt, but:

I would suggest sticking to this program with 100% compliance for a period of at least 3-4 months before trying to advance to another program. A couple of my friends (both beginners) had HUGE success on this program and are still running it ~6months later. Their body went from chubby, non-lifter to a much more athletic build.

Not only did their aesthetics improve substantially, but their lifts all went through the roof. Take advantage of those “noob gains” and don’t over complicate things.

Read into starting strength and buy into it 100%. Trust the system and do everything as written for 3-4 months straight. CT’s programs are great, but you really need to know not only the proper techniques but you need to know your body in terms of recovery and how much volume/intensity you’re able to get away with, specifically in a caloric deficit.

Good luck!