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The Complete Power Look for Rugby player


Starting this log to hold myself accountable really. I run a small fitness centre in the UK as well as playing rugby at a respectable standard in the Midlands/National League.

I am starting this blog a little late as I’m 2 weeks into the programme already but just thought it would be an interesting experience.

Quick Bio of me:

95-100kg (actual Bodyweight isn’t really an issue for me, Eventually I’d like to be somewhere closer to 105kg)

Training maxes I’ve used to work out the 80% that the programme starts at
Trap bar Deadlift -250kg /550lbs
Bench Press - 150kg/330lbs
Push Press - 100kg/220lbs
Front Squat - 100kg/220lbs

I’m aware my Front Squat is low, and I had Done higher on my Push Press but this is the first time I’m squatting in season, usually I stick to just the trap bar and power cleans, also an annoying injury to my wrist just before Christmas had put pay to any real pressing so taking it steady.

This first post will cover my first weeks lifting and the second obviously the second weeks. After that I will go into daily posts to make things a little more manageable.