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The Common Cold

I, most likely along with lots of other people, typically take immune boosting vitamins and minerals when they get a cold (Vitamin C, D, Zinc, etc.). The thought process being that these things will boost our immune system and help us feel better. During a little reading a came across a few articles that talked about how scientists have proved it is our own bodyâ??s immune response to the cold virus (rhinovirus) that causes the symptoms of a cold, and not the virus itself.

So, is slamming down vitamin C when we get a cold - boosting our immune system, and thus our immune response to the cold, actually making us feel worse? According to the scientists, production of particular antibodies to combat the cold is eventually what subdues the virus. Is it best then just to let the cold (virus) run its course and take some Dayquil to cover up the symptoms, rather than trying to â??boostâ?? our immune system?

I’ve read likewise and have been thinking the same thing. I generally take olive leaf extract and zinc to help keep viruses away. I find I tend not to get sick all that often, even working around sick people and being run down, but when I do catch something it absolutely pwns me.

I also think the vitamin c thing may be just a placebo effect. I’d have to look it up again. I always research these things but can never remember the answers when I need to.

Here you go: http://summaries.cochrane.org/CD000980/vitamin-c-for-preventing-and-treating-the-common-cold

Gold standard of evidence, right there.