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The Commie Medical Establishment

It’s easy to tell when an effective supplement comes out. The FDA will try to get it banned. The FDA and medical doctors will do anything to get it banned. They will resort to outright lies such as “It is dangerous and it doesn’t work.” You see, the MD’s get kickbacks from the pharmaceutical companies for pushing their dope. Hence, any effective supplement that works just as good as the dope, will send the medical establishment into a frenzy, and they will send their FDA goons after the people who sell the supplement. For example, if you are an older guy in need of androgen replacement, tell your Doc that Androsol is better than the nutsack patch, and watch him cringe! The reason why the FDA “has to do something about andro” is because the Medical tyrants can’t control it, and it threatens the Pharmaceutical/MD Commie money-sucking alliance.

Jason, you just Androsoled didn’t you? :wink:

Is it that obvious Paul?


I agree! Anytime those power-hungry tyrants feel as though they can feather their nest a little more they start the spin machine. Watch out for the propaganda! What business is it of theirs what we do with our bodies? VOTE LIBERTARIAN. VOTE FOR FREEDOM!

I have been lifting weights for years and consider the information on this board very useful, as I have used my share of supplements. However, as the Chief Executive Officer (No, I am not an MD) of a large medical group practice, I need to comment that doctors do not get kickbacks from drug companies for pushing their meds. We do get free samples to give out to our patients in many cases, but we absolutely do not get kickbacks. I do agree that the supplement business is viewed by many phycisians as a competitor and therefore they may fight against such supplements, but they do not do it because they get kickbacks from drug companies.

Hey Dan,
I would agree that doctors probably don’t recieve kickbacks for selling/prescribing pharmaceuticals.
But on the other hand they do benefit in the pocketbook big time from the increase in business everytime a wonder drug comes out.
A good example is Viagra. How many men ran to the doctor to get that prescribed when it came out?
Are you saying doctors didn’t benefit from all the visits they recieved for these prescriptions or did they do it for free out of the kindness of thier hearts?
Sure they probably don’t recieve kickbacks directly but they would dance with glee if supplements became prescription only.
The increase in prescription checkups($$$) would go through the roof. just my 2 cents.

You hit the nail right on the head, Andrew.

Yes, I do agree that doctors do make money from office visits for Rx’s to be written by them. That point cannot be argued. I was only responding to Jason’s comments that doctors get kickbacks from the drug companies, which as you noted, you agree that they don’t. So that was the point I was trying to make, I just wanted to clarify that issue. As I stated earlier, I am a big believer in supplements and given that I have been lifting for many years and given that I read this board diligently I hope that is proof enough that I understand and believe in a lot of what is said here, all I wanted to do was clarify the issue that the doctors do not get kickbacks from the drug companies.

So may be doctors in the usa make money from you guys. seeing them but here in England doctors don’t cost shit so why we follow your lead in banning stuff it beyond me.

I don’t know, Dan. They sure do get a lot of other goodies from the pharmaceutical companies. In any MD’s office, they have Ambien pens, Prozac clocks, Mevacor napkin holders etc., etc., etc., and not to mention pamphlet after pamphlet after pamphlet from various pharmaceutical companies which propagandize patients into asking the Doc to prescribe whatever dope they are pushing in the pamphlets laying all around the waiting room.

Jay, actually it is us following your lead. England is a Socialist dictatorship, and we are following close behind. However, we are not there yet. You see, our government is a bit more cautious than yours. Why? Because of that pesky Second Amendment that they want so badly to eliminate. Government is a little less arrogant when you got citizens with AK-47’s stashed in their closets. Over here, it ain’t just the government goons who are armed. As the great G. Gordon Liddy said, “When they break down your door, aim for the head, because they’ll be wearing body armor.”

I can assure you that doctors do not push certain company drugs so they get more free pens and clocks. Most of the doctors I know consider all those cheap giveaways just that, cheap give aways that they could care less about. And yes, some drug reps do leave pamplets, but believe it or not, many patients want those pamplets to better understand the medications that the doctors are prescribing for them. The bottom line is that doctors do not give Rx’s in order to get some freebie from the drug company, they give the Rx’s because the patient needs them. However, as I have stated before, there are many supplements out there that many doctors see as competition to their medical practice, I don’t argue that, all I am saying is get off the idea that doctors give out Rx’s for some kickback or freebie. Gain, I am a firm believer it much of the info on this board, I was just trying to clarify this idea that the doctors prescribe meds for freebies, THEY DON’T!

Hey Jay,
I live in Canada and we have pretty much the same health system. Yes it is free to go for checkups in the sense that you don’t get billed. But 2 things it’s not free at all. IT comes out of our tax dollars and yours as well, and the doctors do get paid by the gov’t(ie tax money) every time you visit.
Dan I wasn’t trying to slag you. I agreed with the part about kickbacks, but I saw where they did benefit in other areas.

I don’t see the logic. Are you saying that supplements are actually cutting into the dollars that MD’s get?

Let’s get real. MD’s here are booked solid with patients that are sick. Do you think they have time to worry about whether some tiny percentage of folks are taking supplements? Give me a break. MD’s are more worried about insurance company and HMO reimbursement policy changes. Media and policy makers are concerned because it makes “news”.