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The Combat Sports Gear Thread


Granted I didn't look too hard, but I don't think there's a combat sports gear thread, so...

I really need another gi, I've got a HCK gi http://www.howardliu.com/catalog/bjj/default.htm and I don't really like it. It's really rough and has an extremely stiff collar which is probably best for not getting choked, but I don't like training in it everyday. I also have a Fuji single weave gi that I really like. So, I'm thinking of just getting another one of those, but am wondering if you guys have experience with others that feel good and aren't too expensive.

I'm also going to suck it up and get a pair of fight shorts (I've been doing no-gi in gi pants). Any tips on fight shorts for females?

MT hand wraps too. Are they the same as any other hand wrap? What's up with the different lengths?


Same as boxing hand wraps. Mexican style hand wraps have elastic and contour to your hands better. As for the lengths,it's a matter of how big your hands are. Ideally,you want a long enough length so that you can wrap in between your knuckles for better overall support. Usually for men this means getting 180" length handwraps. For you possibly 120's or 160's.


In my opinion fight shorts are fight shorts, I wear Soldier myelf. Got a deal on them at an expo and they support veterans.

I also like going to title boxing. They usually have a good deal going on at one time or another. And I have to say the stuff Title puts out for MMA under there brand name has worked out great, great quality.

I'd say look there for shorts, wraps, anything else


Can't help in the gi category, sorry. But I'm sure one of the posters knows a hook up.


Gi that is quality and not too expensive:


Gi that is super light weight and comfy, like wearing a t-shirt = atama's new ultralight. It is ridiculous how well that gi breathes, the pants are the best part. IF you can get enough people together to order and start a wholesale account with atama, you can get the gis pretty cheap (under 100 bucks.) the academy I train gi in is pretty much a sweat box during the day so atama ultra lights is alls I be wearing.


fight shorts for females...I'd have to say any kind of spandex....lol sorry cant really say, alls I wear are board shorts anyways


It would be nice if this could be a general gear thread, and not just my questions. So if there's any gear for your specific sport, maybe post your experiences with them. It could be nice to discuss braces and such too.

I needed a wrist brace for bjj and had a hard time finding something that would work. Anything with clips or a lot of velcro hurt people and just bands never fit so I ended up just buying hand wraps and using those. It worked out well.

There's a guy in our gym with a Lucky Gi, it feels great. If you've got the money for it, I'll recommend it.


I've had my Koral Classic Gi jacket for over 5 years, the pants finally ripped a few months ago. Very durable.


There are MMA websites, and more specifically, there are MMA gear related forums that would offer a lot more info than you will get here. If you only like to talk to people on T-Nation that's fine, but if information is what you seek then elsewhere would be best.

Sherdog, Subfighter, and MixedMartialArts.com all have gear specific subforums.




Yeah, I almost put that disclaimer there, anything in these forums can be found elsewhere, but I thought it would be nice to have it here too. Make the forum a little more about doing, not just watching. If no one agrees, the thread'll die.


No, I say this thread is a good idea. I also put in my vote for Shock Doctor mouthpieces and Title micro mitt focus mitts. They don't slide around on your hand so much if you have smaller hands.


Speaking of mouthguards....Opro Shield mouthguard is the most comfortable one I have owned. It gets my vote as best (non-custom) mouthguard. It forms around all your teeth perfectly and still has tough outer shell. Definitily worth a look if you don't have money for custom mouthguard.



Yeah I think this thread is a good idea. Although I am a fan of MMA I have always made an effort to make this section of the forums more about doing than watching, as you said.

All of the black-belts at my judo club wear Mizuno Gi's, they all swear by them. They make a single weave, no idea about price though sorry.

As far as other equipment goes, I don't know if this stuff is available outside of Australia, but all PUNCH AAA or Black Diamond stuff that I have used has been absolutley BRILLIANT- epecially-
-The AAA kick shield, has been easliy the best to strike or hold, very, very good shock absorption, and they run for about $120 AUD/100 USD, so they aren't too hard on the hip pocket.
-Black Diamond thai pads, pre-curved. Just beautiful, again at a reasonable price- $180AUD/150USD
-AAA trophy getters, a full leather glove, you will NOT find a better leather sparring glove at this price,
$90AUD, $75USD. A good glove at ANY price. A friend also owned a pair of the Black Diamond ones, and these were BEAUTIFUL, but quite abit more expensive, $160AUD
-AAA bags, I have beaten the absolute shit out of the 6ft bag for along time now, it's in a commercial gym and gets abused alot, guys with boots and everything, but it's still standing strong, and it's been there for a while. The 4ft bag isn't doing so well, but that has been abused even more, and who the hell uses 4ft bags anyway? You jab it and it's light, so it hits the wall behind.

Zebra mats! Our judo club has just replaced all the old mats with Zebra, they seem to be the standard in the industry. And my god they are beautiful. For jigsaw mats/mats for striking you could probably go cheaper and it wouldn't matter, but for grappling/MMA these are the business.


I have some shorts, they are pretty cool. Oh and a rashguard too. It's extra tight so you can see my abs. Shinguards are pretty nice to have as well.

Hope this helps someone.


Twins headguard with chin protection, shinguards and cup. All amazing and super durable. Make sure you get the right size, they are quite loose in comparison to other brands I've borrowed from gyms.

Also, if you're a martial artist and your hand/wrist joints feel as if they've been peppered with sand when you lift + grapple often, try using wrist wraps when lifting. Schiek seems a good brand.


I think Fighting Irish described Sherdog really well when he called it a " blowjob barn. " :wink:


PCH2 cool thread..

I guess I am more old skool then I thought-
I had about 5 or 6 nice gi's all the same all white. Mizuno double heavy.
I eventually bought a blue one- same one. They are thick as hell.
Right now I dont even own a gi- I leave one at one place I roll
or borrow that I need.

rash gaurds I have had a few- nothing fancy- just make sure the stitching is solid and flat.

wrestling shoes, I have had plenty prefer some of the asics split soles.
ear guards Cliff keene original FTW

after that I cant really be too much help Im surprised that no one mentioned
two esentials tape and tinactin

I used miles of it- ankles, wrists some toes, some fingers- moved on to electric tape-
better colors cheap and easy to get.

but you need to use a pre tape spray.



Where did you get this in the States boss? Or did you have to ship it through customs?


Awesome. I'm in the market for a new Gi to replace my 3-year old Atama double weave. Those ultralights sound like they'd be great down here (ridiculous humidity) and they're only $126.


The one I currently have at CombatSports.com:

Found them at Eastbay as well..I'm planning on getting the Gold Premium model(better protection) until I can afford custom made: