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The Colts and Pats: Let's Discuss


I thought it was time to start a discussion, so I'll bring up some points:

1) GREAT game!

2) The Colts Defense was MUCH better than a lot of people thought.

3) Joseph Adai IS starting to look very "Barry Sander-ish" with the things he can do. (Like all NFL running backs, it's DAMN hard to stay healthy, though).

4) Randy Moss is unreal.

5) The Pats should go 16-0.

6) The Colts should go 15-1.

7) They will meet again.

8) The Pats will win it all in the end. Too much of a "machine".





What was the "Cold Shoulder" all about between Belicheck and Dungy after the game?

(Very "Un-Dungy" like...but sort of expected from Belichek...)


  1. Colts looked great for most of the game. Pats looked sloppy for most of the game.

  2. The Pass Interference (#2) on Hobbs and Off. Pass Interference (#3) on Moss can be attributed to either global warming or terrible officiating. Take your pick.

  3. Poor Matt Light. No respect when you do your job well, but let Freeny run all over you all night and you're going to hear about it for awhile.

  4. Addai is sick fast, and can be devastating on check-downs.

  5. Randy Moss makes exceptional catches.

  6. Wes Welker makes exceptional catches.

  7. Brackett made an exceptional interception.

  8. Colts won the battle at the line until the end of the game, on both sides. Pats were not able to adjust/protect until 4th quarter, and they did not get to Manning until the fourth quarter either.

  9. Barring catastrophic injury, they will meet again, and it will be a very different game. Pats made significant mental errors all night. Colts were without their top two receivers.

  10. Odd note: For two teams that rely heavily on the TE, both played minor roles in this game. Clark did not have a major contribution until late.

Ugly W, but still counts as a W.


Great game. The Colt's defense defintely stepped up for this one. Damn Patriots lost my parlay for me though by not beating the spread.


I thought it was a great game.
1] NE should get better on defense to slow down addai.
2] pass interference calls really hurt NE. too bad colts weren't able to capitalize, only to get field goals.
3] marvin harrison was hurt. indy could have won this won if he was playing but it'd still be a close game.
4] i wish tom brady threw to ben watson for that 1st td instead of randy moss. that would have earned me even more fantasy points.
5] can't wait til they meet again.


Agreed. Unfortunately I didn't catch most of the beginning of the game, so I can't produce any productive commentary.


i missed the last 7 min... arg...


blowjob ?


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I missed the whole second half since I am working nights, I'm sure I'll enjoy the highlights on NFL Net and ESPN in the morning.

Sounds like a great finish to a great game.


what about AP getting the NFL rushing record, man he is good.

Oh yeah also the game, colts made the pats look silly for most of the game-excluding the end where moss took over- If colts didn't fuck up in the end zone twice, and wayne actually caught a wide open pass this game could have been clots game. If the colts get back their key players-harrison- its hard to say if the pats will win.

The pats did not play well for most of the game, they are lucky they have moss. If they play at all similar to today in afc championship against colts they wont win if colts are healthy.


You can play what if Harrison what if whoever, but you also have to play what if the patriots didn't have an off week. They are both two excellent teams, definitely top 2 in the league. The only gripe I have is that one of them isn't NFC so we could actually get some good super bowl action.


NE won but couldn't cover the spread. The zebras did a good job for Indy bettors. I'm a little bitter.
About the coaches parting at the end of the game, as I recall, Dungy made a remark to the press early in the season to the effect that Belichik's cheating was bad for the sport. Dungy claimed it was something he and his Christian staff would never do. (Some national sportscasters made fun of Dungy's naivety.) I think Belichik was still pissed and Dungy didn't want to associate with a cheater.
We'll see the teams again in the playoffs in New England.


Colts play with only 2 wideouts for most of the game.

Could the Pats cover a healthy Colts receiving corps?

Ifs and buts. Metro-boy Brady was sacked 3 times and picked twice. His numbers were far less than god-like.

Brady should be giving Moss a big fat metro-style blowjob. He saved the game for them.

But it was just a regular season game.

Officiating was a little ticky tacky - but one could make an argument for both the offensive and defensive PI calls against the Pats.

72 for the Pats is a cheating little bitch. Leg whipping? Jut hang a sign on your worthless ass that says "I'll kick you and bite you if you beat me".

I knew the Colts would lose when they missed the opening field goal, then had to walk away with 3 points each twice inside the red zone in the first half. They needed touch downs if they wanted to shut up the fucking Pat whores.

I hate NE.


If you didn't see the game, and I told you that Joseph Addai went for over 100 rushing and 100 receiving, you'd have to assume the Colts blew out the Pats.

I hope both teams are healthy when they meet again in Foxboro in January. I'm interested in seeing the coaching adjustments


NE was lucky as hell to get out of there with a win.

The Colts gave that game away and it may cost them in January.

Even with a healthy receiving corps I don't see their team speed being the advantage on the cold loose turf in NE as it was indoors yesterday.

Brady (and Manning) are very ordinary when pressured. I watched the Bills/Bengals before the Colts/Pats and both Losman and Palmer looked like all stars compared to Brady and Manning. The big difference was they had tons of time to throw.

People give far too much credit to QB's.


I really don't think NE wins without Moss.

I think Harrison is Indy's Moss. At the very least, he is Manning's security blanket.

I agree QB's get too much credit, and too much blame. But they are more than compensated for both.

I still say Brady is a flaming Metro. Not that there is anything wrong with it.


I can't wait till January, there is a LOT for the Pats to improve on when we meet up again with the Colts, until then, I'm wearing my metro boy's jersey with pride.


Am I the only one that finds it a little odd that, for game of this magnitude, the game was officiated by a rookie referee who has only been in the league since 2000. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but it seems weird to me.


That officiating crew must've carpooled to the game from the local park and ride, or took a bus with the other fans. Those pass interference calls were some of the biggest screwups (I hope) I've seen in awhile.