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The Colorado Experiment

What does anyone know about Arthur Jones Colorado experiment in which Casey Viator reportedly gailed 63 pounds of muscle in 28 days?

Scam!!! Casey had injured his hand in a farm accident or something, and was very de-trained at the start of the program. His financial compensation for the project was solely dependant on how much muscle he gained during the “experiment.” That being so, Casey admitted to taking very large amounts of steroids and sneaking out at night to do “real” training at a gym in the next town. The combination of muscle memory, anabolics and traditional BB training (not the HIT), is what led to the dramatic results.

This is not hearsay: Casey came completely clean about his side of the story.

The Colorado experiment was bogus. I remember several negative articles that came out years after the original experiment. In these, it was revieled that Viator was at an unnaturaly low weight prior to the experiment. Also he appatrently snuck out at night and did some additional work at a nearby gym. Basically, the experiment wasn’t exactly on the up and up. Jones paid Viator according to how much he gained. So, Casey did everything possible to inflate his paycheck.

The facts: Casey dieted prior to the experiment, averaging only about 800 calories a day. He got his body weight down to 168 lbs, and had not touched a weight for some months. When he did begin the experiment, which lasted 28 days, he used a full body routine 3x a week for 4 weeks. He did gain 63lbs of muscle, without steroids, and only exercising 3x per week. His workouts were so ultra-intense, that it is doubtful that he could have performed any more work than he had. He also consumed as many calories, mostly protein, as he could keep down.
Some factors to consider: Casey is a genetic freak, as all top bodybuilders are- the average Joe will never be as muscular as he was. Casey was REGAINING muscle tissue he had lost due to detraining and severe diet, which is much easier than gaining in the first place. Arthur Jones gained 17 lbs of muscle in the same study, which was the result of the same factors as Casey: sever diet prior to the study, detraining for a period of time, and regaining lost muscle.
I hope this clears up any confusion.

TJ, several bodybuilding writers have written
that Casey admitted freely to them that he
was “not remiss in using the juice” during
this experiment.

I would by no means assume he was clean. Doesn’t even make sense that he would be:
he was a steroid user of course both before
and after, and was being paid by Jones by
the pound for everything that he gained.

It’s also questionable that he gained that
much LBM… the photos disagree with the
bodycomp claims that he actually LOST FAT
during this period, which resulted in
the calculated LBM gain being larger than
the actual weight gain. The reverse is more
likely true.

Also, Casey did not merely diet… he had
had a severe infection and illness and
had lost a tremendous amount of weight for
this reason. There may also have been deliberate
starvation as well for the sake of gaining
as many pounds as possible during this experiment.

In other words, this experiment says absolutely nothing about what one can expect, let alone
expect long term, from Arthur Jones’ training

I guess you are asking if you should try the program. I did around a year ago and had some favorable gains(around 12 pounds). So here is some advice if you want to do the program followed by my take on the subject. If you are going to do it try and follow the program exactly. I would recommend that you tweak the diet for you bodysize and at the end of the program remember that it is a bulking program so you will not come out shredded when it is all over.
I however believe that there are plenty of more up to date programs that you should try first i.e. 1-6-1 GVC and anything Ian King. And if you do any of these programs just make sure your diet is right. However if you have already given these programs a shot and want variety go ahead and give it a try. You will be in the gym and I doubt it will have negative results if you do it right.