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The Color of BA and BB

Here is my problem. I bought some BA and BB and the labals came off and I`m trying to figure out witch one is witch. One is cristal clear and one has a slight yellow tint to it. Neather one has an alcohol smell to it. Any help would be great.

Thanks Bro`s

My BA is crystal clear with no smell to it. I tasted a little bit right now. What a mistake…

I haven’t noticed a color to benzyl benzoate, but mine is in an amber bottle so I suppose it’s possible there could be a very slight color that I just never noticed. Certainly not much if any.

Benzyl benzoate is much more viscous than BA. Drawing into a fine gauge syringe, or attempting to, with both of your solutions should clearly show which is the more viscous, and that will be the BB.

ok i actually went in to get my BA and BB stash to compair

Ba is clear,watery and smells not like alcohol but its an odd smell. that is in a vial with a stopper
the BB is not in a vial its in a screw cap it is also clear but when a small amount is dropped into water its like mixing oil and water

thats the difference in mine,the BB is oily and the BA is watery
plus BB smells really different cant explain other than that sorry if i couldnt help

as Bill Roberts already stated BB is more viscous than BA…

Thanks for the info. I will let you know how it works out.