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The Colony: Discovery Channel Show



I saw the commercial for it and it looked interesting. Has anyone seen an actual episode and would they recommend it?


Im still waiting till they get to the "repopulating the planet" part of the show. Until then I refuse to watch it.


I've seen a little bit of a few episodes. Seems kind of lame cause they know it is just a social experiment so when a guy goes missing I just can't believe their tears are genuine. Plus they've been giving a bunch of resources starting off and if they need shit they just go scavenge a building where the people put what they need in it.


Well, anything on Discovery is better than anything on VH1


Doesnt matter if they know its fake or not. If you're secluded for a month, you start to go crazy. A couple of those guys on that show are fucking geniuses. I think one guy made a tazer with a pole and a wire hanger.


It is defiantly worth a watch imo, and I second the fact that there are some smart and ingenious fuckers on there.


No, you're thinking of MacGyver


I can't get myself to watch it. I saw a commercial where some guy comes to the colony, typical huge black guy. I mean how are they supposed to be afraid that this guy is going to kill them in thier sleep if they know he is an actor. I mean, there may be some value, like hey if you get trapped on the set of a tv show for a month this is worthwile, but I think it has very little value for surviving a post apocolyptic world.



Especially since everyone knows a post-apocalyptic world will be over-run by hordes of undead, flesh eating zombies with humanity only being able to survive in small isolated packs.


Here is the show in a nutshell:

Mix a bunch of electrical engineers, NASA rocket scientists, Carpenters, mechanics, and survival experts. Give them almost everything they need to live. Place supplies around the colony in various other buildings. Kidnap one of the colony members, bring another member's wife into the mix, have people attack the colony compound at night, trade, and barter. People lose weight, fight, and hate each other after a couple of weeks.

the end

But it is interesting watching how after a couple of weeks everybody begins to break down mentally and start believing everything is real.


You forgot Super Mutants, radiation suits, and the FatMan (aka mini-nuke rocket launcher)


Disappointing they didn't start wearing biker-bondage gear and having gladiatorial matches for supremacy accompanied by didgeridoo background music. The next one should use all Australians, then we'd have something cool.


God, I hate Super Mutants. Sniper Rifle shot to the head.


FireLance FTW or the Scoped Magnum


But what about a boomer, smoker, hunter, and witch? Left 4 Dead. Pretty much based on a viral outbreak. This show is fake video games are real.


FireLance FTW or the Scoped Magnum


I need to play Fallout 3 again.


Absolutely true. In the next 5-10 years I think we will see some amazing games which will be very interactive and closer to real life than we can imagine. I'm down for some VR post apocolyptic zombie and super mutant killing.



I'm down for some actual reality post apocalyptic zombie and super mutant killing tbh ... I just finished reading Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z and I'm super stoked for the coming infestation of flesh eating undead!!


We should have a new forum about training and preparation for the coming zombie apocalypse. Since we're on a weightlifting forum it'd have to cover things like exercise, weapon selection (firearms, bladed and blunt weapons) and use, and other things of that nature.