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The College Thread

Graduated in '97 from West Virginia University in Morgantown. I now work for the University but don’t train at their rec center. Not enough plates to go around and it is way too crowded.

Go 'Eers!!!

[quote]jjphenomenon wrote:
You played at Valdosta? I used to coach in that conference. I saw Missouri under your name

No, I didn’t play myself - I say we because the Health and Human Services department at IUP is pretty heavily involved with the football team and vice versa. Missouri is my permanent home (for now), living with my parents in St. Louis for the summer. It’ll change back to PA when I move out to school in August.


Santa Rosa Junior College- Train for two sports (football, track)…

University of Iowa here.


I actually remember watching that episode late night a long time ago… those guys were amazing philosophers, and god bless beer.

Cornell University here, and I’m going to be a senior. It makes me feel old.

Michigan State

[quote]Phill wrote:
Just saw your post and wanted top say hello. I was Born and raised in Topeka.[/quote]

Agghh. Topeka! What a sh!tbox! I think only Wichita is worse. I grew up in snob-central, aka Johnson County. You others may laugh, but …

Q: What do you get when you take one of the wealthiest counties in the US and stick it in Kansas?

A: A bunch of @ssholes with cokehead kids driving beamers, benzos, and vettes.

Fortunately, I lived out south with all the rednecks … pick’emup trucks, camaros, the beast light, and mullets. Oh … the good ol’ days.


Dartmouth College

I’m looking to get a lot stronger and a little bigger. Unique goal, huh?

Bowdoin…anyone else in Maine?

College of marin, CA

I also go to IUP in PA, and I train with buffalokilla. If all goes well, we’ll be flipping tires together this fall.

He tought me how to lift, and is a great teacher/boyfriend :slight_smile:

He is also badass.

And smart.

And cute.

Okay, I’ll stop :slight_smile:

VSU now and I’ll transfer to Emory University soon.

FSU…NOT Florida State…that’s my motto…Fayetteville State University

Big Southern Arkansas University at Magnolia.

Go Muleriders.

I’m at Occidental College in the LA area, we’re tiny so I’ll be impressed if anyone has heard of it.

NDSU. north dakota state university here. T-Nation even reaches up to NoDak country, where i’m practicing our tenets everyday in our campus gym

Indiana University of Pennsylvania huh? Well if they won the Division II championship they can’t suck. Even if the name is weird. Hopefully you only get bumped to IAA. Of course,then Nebraska will start trying to schedule you.

[quote]BigRedMachina wrote:
Cornell University here, and I’m going to be a senior. It makes me feel old.[/quote]

Im at RPI , we should get in touch

Im at rennselaer in troy NY., Ill be transfering down to UConn(go huskies) anybody in either areas hit me up.