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The Collective Wisdom of the Over 35 Needed


Here's the deal. Im having a hard time making a unbiased decision . With weather or not to drop military presses out of my routine in favor of DB presses. The reason for this is that I have a strength imbalance in my shoulders. As you can see in the picture the right it is slightly less developed then the left. For the record the right is the one I had to have surgery on a few years ago. Im really starting to notice, in my pressing that the left side is compensation for the difference. In your guys opinion should I .

A. Stick with the Military press and add DB presses as a assistance movement

B. Just do DB presses until the right one comes back up to par with the left.

Thanks for the input.


How big is the strength difference left vs. right?

Also, it appears that your right shoulder is slightly dropped compared to your left. Is it less developed or is it possible it is mostly perception based on the lower height? I have the same dropped shoulder situation, BTW.


I agree with Git. It doesn't look less developed it just sits lower. I think it's pretty common and we all have it to some degree.

Why not keep the millies in and add some extra one arm DB presses for that side to bring it up.

Nice fence!!


Nice fence? WTF? Nice back!

Oh wait. That wasn't the question. Was it?


The strength different isn't huge at this point. But Im aware of it. You might be right on the dropping of the right shoulder, might be causing a disproportionate perception in the difference between the two in this picture. looking in the mirror there only a slight difference between the size between them but nothing that stands out to someone. Of course I could just me being paranoid . thanks.


Not that I know that it isn't uncommon. I wont drop the millies, thank God! I was dreading dropping my favorite upper body movement. But ill definitely add some one arm DBpresses just to cover my rear end.

Yeah I like the fence also. I was on are deck when the pic was taken so it taller then you think. I needed to stain it also.I will tell you this it was a pain in the ass to put it up by myself.


Now Little lady the question is in regards to my concern over my concern over my bad shoulder.