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The Cold Squat (Bottom Position)


As an alternative for those who fail at the A2G squat, there might be another option for you! I think the main reason for many who don't do full squats is a overestimation of depth, not a cop-out. So why not start the squat from the lowest position possible? This way you will automatically know to which depth to return on each rep.

Cold starts eliminate momentum and require more force which in turn builds power... right? More power = bigger weights ? bigger weights = bigger muscles, right?

I'm sure this is more of a PL thing, but why not use it for BBing training?

The Immortal


maybe i'm missing something, but won't that only work for the first rep, as you will have to lower the weight again to do the second rep?


Biggest problems are going to be 1. VERY limited weight and 2. If you don't have the mobility to squat to depth normally there's no way in hell you're getting a clean rep from pins.

Anderson Squats (Squats from Pins, whatever you want to call them) are a good exercise but you should really be experienced with regular squats to depth before using them IMO.

Easy method of determining depth in the squat- choke a band along the rack where you hit depth, easy trick.



Anderson Squats i think they are called


Due to having poor flexibility no matter what I do, I can't reach bottom position until having at least 135 on the bar (why would I have less? Warmups): and there have been times that even with the 135, I have to pull myself down the last couple of inches, as the weight itself still isn't quite sufficient.

There is no way I could work my way under the bar at bottom position. I can't get that low without the weight helping to overcome the inflexibility.


I understand your issue with flexibility, but this is for the mobile who just get the "fear of depth"


i love the brutal!

give me the technique for this lol

but have you noticed strength gains that are better than when you do squats from the top down?


these types of squats usually turn into a kind of a cluster set


yes, when i go back to doing full squats with eccentric and concentric they are much easier and my form is spot on. also, i have much better power out of the hole and none of that forward lean you see out of a lot of squatters.

here are a couple examples of the different ways i do them.

these are really hard. front squat off pins, against bands

here's a zercher variation

here's a variation where i incorporate the eccentric, but pause it long enough to lose the stretch reflex.


Ah, okay.

Then I wouldn't know, not having tried that (being unable to do it) and never having had anyone try it, nor happening to have learned of results from anyone who had. So I am useless on any point on this other than it being impossible for some, although I agree, not others :slightly_smiling:


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You could also just do box squats and go down to like a 6" box


i find that it's really easy to cheat with a box. most people that i see using a box lose tightness and do a rocking thing to get off of it.


Front squats are really solid in the sense that you make it look so easy. May I know the disparity between you front and back squat numbers. Thanks.


Nice! very wicked vids! I've just been playing around with them, I'm definitely adding them in for a couple months!


Bill Roberts, you are the farthest from useless!


same with a bench where they bounce off of it...with these there's nothing to gain leverage


Ya, fair enough. But you dont have to do box squats the westside way. You could just use it for height, and then it would guarantee ATG on every rep.


I have done these with the pins. I found it easier to put the pads on either side of the safety bars. That way when you set the bar down, for a second or two....it would not bang and bounce. The barbell rested on it more evenly.