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The Code Of An Athlete


My code for the athlete

  • An athlete doesn't make Excuses.

  • An athlete works hard, so hard that it is often a frightening site to the average person.

  • An athlete has certain ?core value? training concepts but always keeps an open mind.

  • An athlete never stops learning.

  • An athlete is a well rounded person.

  • An athlete is incredibly serious about strength training but not so much that it interferes with any other aspect of his (or her) life.

  • An athlete can get strong using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, rocks, logs, sand bags, barrels, sledge hammers, bodyweight and yes
    even machines (It isn?t the implement, it?s the attitude.)

  • An athlete pays attention to the details that most people ignore - grip work, neck development, flexibility work , strong abdominals and getting in ?combat? shape - all things that many modern trainees
    fail to see the point of.

  • An athlete takes reasonability for his (or her) own actions and development, whether they succeed or fail

  • An athlete is as dedicated as they come but also has the commonsense to know when to push and when to back off.

  • An athlete is someone to look-up too.

  • An athlete doesn?t make things any more complex than they have to be.

  • An athlete doesn?t spend more time talking than training.

  • An athlete always helps other (in need of help).

  • An athlete leaves his (or her) ego at the door.

  • An athlete does everything with the best form possible (it doesnt matter how much you can do if your cheating).

And most of all, an athlete doesn?t ?quit on the field.? Many sins are forgivable?that one isn?t.

  • If you fail to meet any of these standards you shouldnt be considered an athlete.

Am i missing anything guys? This also should applie to Bodybuilders and Strongmen and Powerlifters or anyone that has a goal...


here's my athletic code:

an athlete is someone who competes in athletic events...

an athlete is someone who plays by the rules of the athletic organization he/she competes in...

an athlete lives up the their own expectations of themselves...


The first one is a definition not a code.

The second one is lame. There's nothing wrong with a bit of a punch in the ruck.

I forgot what your third one was.


I'll just say this...

I was being sarcastic when I wrote my origional post...sorry you're not bright enough to pick up on that.



in my understanding, a code is somthing that in this case, is a set of rules or standerds to stand by to be considered an "athlete"...

i might be wrong
but i have a mustang so im happy...


a true athlete is soaking wet in sweat when nobody is around....


Here's mine: work hard, shut up, behave yourself.


I wonder do children look up to an athlete who takes illegal drugs (of any kind)?


well zeb..
today all profisionals sports men use aas. we all know that so..probably the kids does look up to guys who use aas..


I have to challenge that statement! Unless you can offer some proof I dispute that ALL atheletes use illegal drugs.


Jesus Christ. Are you Ali G from that HBO show?


Apparently, athletes don't need to know how to spell.

I think your code is awfully grandiose. Taken by the letter, I doubt there would be any athletes in the world.



I go by the code of the offensive line.

In the Pit there is only one rule. Get the job done, whatever it takes.


I bow down to your genius and apologise profusely....


"An athlete is as dedicated as they come but also has the commonsense to know when to push and when to back off. "

I thought this said an athlete knows when to whack off first of all. I got all excited as that is something I definitely do know about. I fall short of all the others though, but then again I just take truck loads of drugs to make up for my poor work ethic. I may not live past 30 but hey I look good on the beach.