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The CM Punk Fight

I am curious did anyone watch the CM Punk fight on Saturday? I can’t say I was surprised by the outcome. But, I do know some people who thought it might be just a tad closer. It actually looked like a first class mauling.


I am pissed that he got $500k for that. He came in too aggresive and got f*cked.

The funny part is that Micky Gall said he wanted to show off his striking and took him down right away. Cm Punk is not on UFC level. There have been a couple guys recently who are nowhere near UFC level. I don’t know why they do this. Bring good fighters, it is the best “league” after all…
Not just a prowrestler who can sell PPV and then get rekt.

I am dissapointed

Miocic was top notch tho

and werdum is a C*nt, with capital C lol

HAPA has looked like a bloody joke lately

Overeem has had too many K.O.s, he should retire.

I hope to see Miocic vs Velasquez.

You asked only bout Punk, but it’s ok :smiley:

Hey I had no idea that Punk was paid a half a million bucks. If we break that down per minute…Yikes that’s a lot of cash.

I agree about Overeem. He’s seen a lot of action maybe too much. But it was a fun card to watch no question.

The UFC has been steadily moving towards the WWE’s model of “the cult of personality,” hyping “pretty” fighters, and basing both their match ups and roster on who they think can sell the most PPV buys rather than necessarily who the most qualified fighters are. Clearly with this new management they are testing out going even further down that “hype train” road.

Punk is just a name. He had no prior relevant combat sports experience/credentials, and had only a single year of serious training under his belt. His only real asset was his exposure to the bright lights and crowds of spectators. That anyone thought he would be anything more than fresh meat for someone who has spent their whole life training seriously in MMA and with a decent amount of experience like Gall is just buying into the hype. The guy was a joke for thinking he could be anything more than a punching bag/grappling dummy with so little experience and the UFC should be ashamed of themselves for putting him on their main card.

Give him 3+ more years of serious training with a solid team, a bunch more victories in smaller organizations and then maybe we’ll see if he might actually have some potential.


Very well said.

I was actually surprised to see the odds at only 4 to 1 against Punk. I didn’t think it would go past the first round. The odds should have been more like 10 to 1.