The Closer

I was just FORCED, and I mean fucking forced, to watch 3 episodes of this fucking waste of fucking time. And I need to vent.

First off Kyra Sedgwick, despite being the human equal to a fucking hedgehog, despite being as ugly as the fucking backside of a monkey…cant act for shit. I mean shw is hands down the worst fucking actress I’ve ever had the sad misfortune to encounter. If I’d been in Iraq for 10 years, i still couldn’t keep my dick hard to fuck her.

And the writing? Worst written show ever. The plots wouldn’t stand up to the common sense of a 6 year old, never mind a half-wit. Who the fuck is watching this shit? The “closer” is going to badger, trick, and confuse every single criminal she catches… all of whom break…all of whom are guilty…none of whom ask for a lawyer? What? Are you fucking kidding me? She’s trashing civil rights like a left-wing hack on a late night run before Obama leaves office…and people are WATCHING this?

Holy fucking shit, I fear for humanity.