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The Cloninger Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) Test

Hei! I really want to see your TCI test pdf(for insight to know myself and want to be happy…). If you are okay and have time, could you share your homepage address? I tried to click you profile but it is so hard to find it out…
I am a new member actually…

Thank you soo much for reading:)

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Thank you,I didn’t know that i need to pay… but thank you so much for answering:)

I literally have published over 700 articles for free. Answer questions on this forum for free. Post daily information on instagram for free.

And I’m getting called fout or charging money for something I took 2 years to develop AND had to pay to get put in computerized form?


Don’t take what was said above to heart Coach, I’m sure this is a misunderstanding because this person is new to the forum and probably isn’t familiar with your work and all that you have done for the industry.

Yes there are people out there who will milk everything out of you if they can without having to pay a single penny and do not respect/have no clue of how much effort/time you put into your business, creating programs, posting free information and helping out whenever you can.

But what I can tell you without a doubt is that there are a lot more of us who do appreciate, respect and thank you for the value you bring to the market and would happily pay you for it.

I think 99% of us are pretty happy for you to charge for your work. You’re an incredible resource that does a ton for all of us, and have been doing so for literal decades.

In fact, every time I see some of your new material launch, I want to tell you to market more aggressively. Then I remember you don’t need me in your business!