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The Cloninger Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) Test

Gday CT, mate just wondering where you were able to locate the The Cloninger Temperament and Character Inventory (TCI) test. I’ve searched online and cannot locate anything available for free or to purchase. I have used the braverman test previously however Im interested to see they differ. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks,

You need to be a psychologist to buy the test. Both my parents are psychologists. Anyway I am in the process of creating my own test since both the TCI and Braverman are incomplete (TCI doesnt measure GABA and acetylcholine, Braverman doesn’t assess norepinephrine, which means that type 1 and type 2 will be rolled in a bunch, not to mention that the Braverman give the wrong diagnostic for 2 neurotransmitters).


CT you’re a legend. Thanks for the information. That’s a great idea! Is it a tool you intend to sell? if yes I’d be keen to purchase as the detail in the article fits me perfectly.

I am highly looking forward to having a copy of your test. I can’t find a bootleg of the TCI anywhere. I think I’m going to have to have a questionnaire to be honest enough with myself to get an accurate result.

Yo Chris!
Have you created the test yet…
I’m so keen to purchase

Yo Chris? Lol
Look on his personal site.

Working on it. It’s REALLY hard to create a truly valid psychological test. My father, who was a college professor in psychology, specialized in creating these tests is helping me, but with my schedule it doesn’t go really fast

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Bit of a suck up mate? Lol


Any update on this one?

The beta version of the test is done. Used it at my last seminar. Just collecting more data for validation


Christian, you are doing good job! Your articles about neuro types changed my training life. Thank you.
I am vaiting your version of the test. Hope you will share it.

I will share it, it’s done but not put into electronic format yet. Lots on my plate at the time


Hey CT,

Thanks a bunch for introducing me to this test! I took it this weekend and got the results/interpretation this weekend as well!

Looks like I’m a 2A with high GABA, I’ll be starting Zombie this week!

I’m curious, outside of Zombie and HSS WHST else do you suggest for me?

where did you get that

whew !! much awaited… where is it ?

Must not be the .real" test because it’s not out yet

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Have you complete your version of test?

It’s not a version of the Cloninger. My neurotyping system has evolved a lot. It has been available on my website for almost a year

Christian, thank you very much. I visited your website and copleted the test!
I think, that this is break throug in fitnes and bodybuilding.
I want to use this test in my coaching practice.
How can i learn how to use and interpritate the test?

For those who need test interpretation, many screenshot the results and start a thread here and CT analyzes it for you.