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The Classical Music Thread

As I write this, I am listening to an opera about a man whose nose begins an independent existence. There is nothing I can think of in any other form of culture that can match this for sheer bizarreness. Anyway, to get to the point: Are there other people on here who like classical music, and if so, what do you listen to? I have a thing for schubert, and last new year’s eve I listened to all of Beethoven’s symphonies in succession. I say, and will insist, that any man who affects not to like Shostakovich is a cretin.

Please feel free to share your musical obsessions.

My mom listens to a lot of classical. When I was little I was exposed to it a lot in the car and at home. We, as a family, went to see the chamber orchestra when I was roughly 8, and I dug it.

I really like classical music, just the big names like bach, beethoven, mozart etc. theres something about it that grounds/centers me, maybe it was the young exposure. I have the classical station preset in my car, but I haven’t bought any cause im not sure exactly what to get.

My gf and I went to see the chamber orchestra recently (she got tickets for free from her work). It was not “classical”, but it was “contemporary” and i must say I hated it. I was falling asleep! It was bombastic and obnoxious! It was chunky with no emotion and no feel, just a bunch of notes. I cant remember the name of the composer, probably not worth mention his name anyway.

Choral music can be good, however I am no fan of opera.

I am attracted to music without lyrics in general…I can never understand what people are saying in their music anyway, its like an audible rorschach test.

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Hell yeah I love Friedman!

Seriously, in the late 2000s I had to attend several of piano recitals for certain reasons and I got hooked on a lot of this stuff. Off the top of my head: Bach - Partitas 2, 6, Goldberg Variations, Liszt - Paganini Etudes, Grande Gallop Chromatique, Beethoven - Emperor, Moonlight Sonata 1st, 3rd Movement, Tempest, etc

One lessor known composers I really like is Erik Satie:

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My favorite Satie piece:


Cool. Good to know I’m not entirely alone :slight_smile:

Halidon music channel on youtube has many composers’ compilations. Listen to some of these and you will probably find ones stand out to your tastes.

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@carbiduis, I have a similar experience as well, I too was exposed to classical very early in my life and have ever since felt a deep connection with classical music. There is a bunch of great music these days, but classical has always drawn me in like no other.

Anyway, many-a-link for those interested…
Frederic Chopin as always been one of my absolute favorites:

Beethoven of course always standing out…

Schubert classic:



I forgot about Chopin…



Contemporary stuff if anyone’s interested:

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x3 with Chopin, excellent to listen to post workout/anytime need to relax

Really like Rachmaninov also, sometimes heavy going but massively underrated IMO -only one level down from big boys like Mozart in terms of greatness

Of modern artists, John Barry has loads of good stuff…

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This far in and no Tchaikovsky? Better fix that.

Op. 71a, Op. 20a, Op. 37a/b, Op. 50 (pezzo elegiaco, in particular).


Tragic. My favorite nocturne. Puts Op. 9 no. 2 to shame, IMO.

One more nocturne, since they’re probably my favorite collection for piano.


^Also, the Goldberg Variatons and OF COURSE:

Also, his cello suites and, realistically, everything else.


[quote=“dt79, post:3, topic:224838”]
Moonlight Sonata 1st, 3rd Movement,[/quote]

2nd movement never gets any love, but I think it’s a nice reset between the melancholic first and blistering third.

Debussy - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun


Great thread, thanks for everyone’s selections.

Tchaikovsky and Strauss II are my favorites, but I also like heavier fare depending on mood.

Wife took classical piano for 12 years and I have spent many hours getting my ears and soul stirred by her handiwork on a 1920s Steinway.


I loved this even though the movie sucked lol.

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Anyone play any instruments? I play the 'cello- not seriously any more, but I was in the county youth orchestra when I was a kid. I miss it sometimes.

I played the trumpet, cornet, tuba-- basically any three key brass instrument.

I also played percussion, drum kit, marimba, or anything you can strike with a stick as well.

Growing up I was in concert band, marching band, jazz band, and played in a metal band as well (fun times). I have a deep appreciation for music-- anything from Deftones, Wu-Tang Clan, to Beethoven, and everything in between.

I broke out my trumpet last year and played a few tunes on it, took a couple days to get back to where the notes sounded pleasing and could read the notes. I still have my drums, but never play anymore really. I have always wanted to learn to play the cello, definitely one of my most favorites instruments to listen to.

What I believe as one of the most epic uses of the brass section:

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Piano here. Kudos on the cello skills; it’s one of my favorite instruments.

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@EyeDentist @SkyzykS @Drew1411

To not derail Science thread totally here is a piece my wife has played since a Bach contest in the 70s. Just hard to imagine the fingers can operate independently but can’t avoid that ventual synchro issue. Watching the Peart video, l observed he is continually moving his body and the rhythm/patterns are fluid, not just an increase in frequency of the same motion


Beautiful piece. Your wife must be very talented.

To not derail the Classical Music Thread, I will reserve further comments for the Science thread.