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The Classical Music Thread


As I write this, I am listening to an opera about a man whose nose begins an independent existence. There is nothing I can think of in any other form of culture that can match this for sheer bizarreness. Anyway, to get to the point: Are there other people on here who like classical music, and if so, what do you listen to? I have a thing for schubert, and last new year’s eve I listened to all of Beethoven’s symphonies in succession. I say, and will insist, that any man who affects not to like Shostakovich is a cretin.

Please feel free to share your musical obsessions.


My mom listens to a lot of classical. When I was little I was exposed to it a lot in the car and at home. We, as a family, went to see the chamber orchestra when I was roughly 8, and I dug it.

I really like classical music, just the big names like bach, beethoven, mozart etc. theres something about it that grounds/centers me, maybe it was the young exposure. I have the classical station preset in my car, but I haven’t bought any cause im not sure exactly what to get.

My gf and I went to see the chamber orchestra recently (she got tickets for free from her work). It was not “classical”, but it was “contemporary” and i must say I hated it. I was falling asleep! It was bombastic and obnoxious! It was chunky with no emotion and no feel, just a bunch of notes. I cant remember the name of the composer, probably not worth mention his name anyway.

Choral music can be good, however I am no fan of opera.

I am attracted to music without lyrics in general…I can never understand what people are saying in their music anyway, its like an audible rorschach test.


Hell yeah I love Friedman!

Seriously, in the late 2000s I had to attend several of piano recitals for certain reasons and I got hooked on a lot of this stuff. Off the top of my head: Bach - Partitas 2, 6, Goldberg Variations, Liszt - Paganini Etudes, Grande Gallop Chromatique, Beethoven - Emperor, Moonlight Sonata 1st, 3rd Movement, Tempest, etc

One lessor known composers I really like is Erik Satie:


My favorite Satie piece:


Cool. Good to know I’m not entirely alone :slight_smile:


Halidon music channel on youtube has many composers’ compilations. Listen to some of these and you will probably find ones stand out to your tastes.


@carbiduis, I have a similar experience as well, I too was exposed to classical very early in my life and have ever since felt a deep connection with classical music. There is a bunch of great music these days, but classical has always drawn me in like no other.

Anyway, many-a-link for those interested…
Frederic Chopin as always been one of my absolute favorites:

Beethoven of course always standing out…

Schubert classic:



I forgot about Chopin…



Contemporary stuff if anyone’s interested:


x3 with Chopin, excellent to listen to post workout/anytime need to relax

Really like Rachmaninov also, sometimes heavy going but massively underrated IMO -only one level down from big boys like Mozart in terms of greatness

Of modern artists, John Barry has loads of good stuff…


This far in and no Tchaikovsky? Better fix that.

Op. 71a, Op. 20a, Op. 37a/b, Op. 50 (pezzo elegiaco, in particular).


Tragic. My favorite nocturne. Puts Op. 9 no. 2 to shame, IMO.

One more nocturne, since they’re probably my favorite collection for piano.


^Also, the Goldberg Variatons and OF COURSE:

Also, his cello suites and, realistically, everything else.


[quote=“dt79, post:3, topic:224838”]
Moonlight Sonata 1st, 3rd Movement,[/quote]

2nd movement never gets any love, but I think it’s a nice reset between the melancholic first and blistering third.


Debussy - Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun


Great thread, thanks for everyone’s selections.


Tchaikovsky and Strauss II are my favorites, but I also like heavier fare depending on mood.

Wife took classical piano for 12 years and I have spent many hours getting my ears and soul stirred by her handiwork on a 1920s Steinway.


I loved this even though the movie sucked lol.


Anyone play any instruments? I play the 'cello- not seriously any more, but I was in the county youth orchestra when I was a kid. I miss it sometimes.


I played the trumpet, cornet, tuba-- basically any three key brass instrument.

I also played percussion, drum kit, marimba, or anything you can strike with a stick as well.

Growing up I was in concert band, marching band, jazz band, and played in a metal band as well (fun times). I have a deep appreciation for music-- anything from Deftones, Wu-Tang Clan, to Beethoven, and everything in between.

I broke out my trumpet last year and played a few tunes on it, took a couple days to get back to where the notes sounded pleasing and could read the notes. I still have my drums, but never play anymore really. I have always wanted to learn to play the cello, definitely one of my most favorites instruments to listen to.

What I believe as one of the most epic uses of the brass section:


Piano here. Kudos on the cello skills; it’s one of my favorite instruments.


@EyeDentist @SkyzykS @Drew1411

To not derail Science thread totally here is a piece my wife has played since a Bach contest in the 70s. Just hard to imagine the fingers can operate independently but can’t avoid that ventual synchro issue. Watching the Peart video, l observed he is continually moving his body and the rhythm/patterns are fluid, not just an increase in frequency of the same motion


Beautiful piece. Your wife must be very talented.

To not derail the Classical Music Thread, I will reserve further comments for the Science thread.