The Classic Whether to Use Gear or Not

Hello, Im new to this forum as you can see. I am going through what every bodybuilder goes through at some point of his life. To start with Im 19 years old (yes probably too young for most people to ask this question and i will definitly be flamed but keep reading) i have been lifting for 4 years and 3 of those years are solid training. I am 5’6 and about 160 Lbs.

Im currently taking a PT certificate and i already work as a trainer at a local gym near me. so you can say i know a not bad amount about training and nutrition. My diet consists of 6 to 5 meals a day spread out ofcourse which contains about 200 grams of proteins which is more than enough for me, in additiong to the supplements ofcourse.

in addition to that ive participated in a Physique competition and got 4th place over my region and im hopefully running for 1st next time im in. Now to the final part which is growth, i know im not that tall but i did the X-ray test to know wither or not i can still grow but what appeared to be the result is that my plates closed and my growth has stopped, so the growth thing is no longer a problem.
So to get to the point, I am thinking about taking my first steroid cycle in order to prepare for my next competition and ofcourse to be able to boost my work as a trainer since bigger trainers usually make more money (if they know what they’re doing ofcourse), so for my first cycle i am thinkin about taking the classic Test and Deca cycle which will be a 10 weeks cycle which contains 250-Test and a 100-Deca every week, and for PCT i already have Nolvaed on hand and HCG .

Supplements wise im going to be taking a weight gainer creatine glutamine amino acids and BCAAs.
So what i would like to ask is do you think its a good move or not?

Please keep in mind that your answer should be backed up with solid points, I really don’t want to hear you’re too young to use gear or some bullshit troll answers please.
Thanks and sorry for the long post

I assume that you chose to end your OP the way that you did because you already know that people are generally going to advise against steroid use at 19. It also suggests that you aren’t going to be particularly receptive to advice if it isn’t what you want to hear.

First off, if you are in amazing shape for your age, with the possibility of turning pro in the near future, then you should post a picture of yourself. If it is the case that you are ahead of the field then people may offer different advice if you can make a career out of competing. If you simply want to take steroids to expedite gains thinking it will enhance your hardly even begun PT career then i think this is misguided and a bad reason to start using.

Second, the info you have given regarding the cycle is too vague and what you have put together doesn’t look good to me. It looks as though you don’t understand the basics and Deca, in my opinion, is a terrible choice for a first cycle. You need to lay out a proper plan.

For me, the main reason you shouldn’t do a cycle at your age isn’t the growth thing you mention, it is the fact that you are so early into your adult life you simply haven’t lived long enough to be able to make a smart decision here.

I hope that you don’t consider this to be a bullshit troll answer, but rather someone 10 years your senior trying to offer some perspective.

Back when I was 19(a long time ago) I naively thought only some pro bodybuilders used the stuff, and all that it did was speed up the journey to massiveness.
My friends and I did the weights (from 16 to our mid 20’s)and surprisingly we built pretty decent bodies because we didn’t think we needed drugs. Pretty corny but during this time your body is at the height of natural T production.

Unless you are the new phenom and all you need is a little extra to make it to pro physique, I would hold off at least until 21.

That being said I take gear now and wish I knew the facts about it along time ago.

I’m sure there are plenty of high school students taking anabolics. Even Arnold was said to have started when he was 16.

Another issue for you is how are you going to feel as a trainer when you are on the gear? Are you going to tell your clients all they need to do is train hard and eat clean and they can get a body like yours? Some people don’t have a problem with this but the fitness industry has a long history of selling bullshit, over exaggerated results to the public.

i love this part "Please keep in mind that your answer should be backed up with solid points, I really don’t want to hear you’re too young to use gear or some bullshit troll answers please. "


do more research, because your cycle sucks.