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The Chronic

I just got Dr Dre’s The Chronic in the mail yesterday.

…This album is fucking amazing. I think its safe to say I like it better than Wu Tang’s 36 Chambers which has been my most played album ever since I got that a couple months ago.

This album is the shit…

Welcome to, like, 10 years ago.

Is this thread circa 93’?

Theres been a coupla joints since then worth scoping (but both of those are good albums, no offense).

You’d probably dig Snoops latest, and J5 too- just to widen the world.

lmao, did you use fed ex or ups? please let me know so i don’t use them. tia

Listen to the Roots.

You guys are just so fucking funny.

I know the album is older than hell, I just never had the desire to really check it out until a buncha people told me that its the shit.

And yes, the Roots kick ass too.

By far the best hip hop is made by underground acts such as Atmosphere, Dilated Peoples, Brother Ali, Odd Jobs, People Under The Stairs, and way too many more to mention. If you like hip hop check these out, you wont be disappointed. Oh yeah as you can tell Atmosphere is my fav

Chris…don’t feel bad. I just really got into Wu-Tang for the first time about six months ago and they’ve been around for just as long as Dre. Now they’re one of my favorite bands along with the solo stuff (ODB, Meth, etc).

I forgot about Dre.

One of the few rap CD’s that I would actually recommend buying. It’s good pretty much start to finish. Most of the time rappers give you two or three good songs, a bunch a skits, and the rest is pure garbage.

I’ll have to check out some of the other’s everyone is recommending.

On the subject of rap, has anyone seen the top 20 rap albums of all-time on www.askmen.com?

They had Dre’s “Chronic 2001” in the top five and if I recall correctly, “Chronic” either wasn’t on it or was ranked lower. WHAAAAAAT??? I thought “2001” sucked big time.
Also, Wu Tang Forever was way up there while “36 Chambers” didn’t even make the list. And number one? Snoop Dogg’s “Doggy Style.” A great one no doubt, but no way in hell better than “The Chronic.”

let it be known that atmosphere knows his rap. i gotta add to that list with the last emperor. his rhyme scheme is just sick. and chrismcl, if you’re lookin for a good commercial rap album, pick up tribes midnight marauders and low end theory. they’re both early 90’s and [i feel] lyriclly superior to the chronic.
yall be good, flash

The Chronic was awesome, but “Chronic 2001” sucked ass. The funny thing is, they had a similar format. . .they were to promote the other rappers on the label, with Dr. Dre in a leading role but not the only performer.

Death Row had an awesome lineup that was the supporting cast on “Chronic”: Snoop, Nate Dogg, Lady of Rage, Kurupt, etc. Aftermath’s supporting cast was Eminem (with 2 stellar cameos on “2001”), and a bunch of no-names who suck. (Nate Dogg and Snoop guested on one song, but are not on Aftermath.)

Thanks white flash. Some others to check out would be Sage Francis, Talib Kweli, and Blackalicious.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Get The Money
Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills Ya’ll

Thanks white flash. Some others to check out would be Sage Francis, Talib Kweli, and Blackalicious.

Cash Rules Everything Around Me
Get The Money
Dolla’ Dolla’ Bills Ya’ll

Damn Computer! I swear this thing hates me!

i know about all those cats. check out blackstar [talib and mos def], thurston howell the 3rd, afu ra [ sick] jeru the damaja, theres so many badass rappers out now, but what sells is ice and hoes, not lyrical pros
yall be good

Exactly, I’m sick of hearing about how much money they have! I’m in the midwest so Atmosphere, Sage, and Odd Jobs are the prominant underground artists. Just saw Atmosphere and Odd Jobs in concert, Slug rocked the place!

atmoshpere is in minnesota right? i’ve got a few buddies from chicago and they tell me the midwest rap scene is actually prett phat. i might have to make a trip

Atmoshpere is from Minneapolis, Mn. Yeah the Midwest scene is crazy! You should definatly make a trip and check it out if you get a chance. Lots of talented emcee’s out here!