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The Christian Origin Of Christmas


It's true you know. Merry Christmas/happy Hanukkah PWI.


From me as well


I hope everyone enjoys their christmas, and all of the pagan traditions that go along with it.


Not exactly...


Go Jesus.



My friend is at Jesus College in Cambridge. every year someone rings up the college and goes 'is that Jesus? Happy birthday to you....'

Merry Christmas PWI you loveable rogues.



Merry Christmas!


A good jul to you PWI guys :slightly_smiling:

The north-wesst-europeen christmass/juls is perhaps one of the best examples of a syncretism between pagan germanic traditions and christian traditions.


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O Holy Night by Wayne Bergeron is better imho.


Celtic Woman is flat down AWESOME!!!

Unbelievably magnificent Christmas song. Really. (ignore the video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_idg5Xxy6kE

The mighty 53rd chapter of the prophet Isaiah:


Very good mac. I love good trumpet(and sax). merry Christmas to you too. If you were here I'd shake your hand.


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I don't really get the intent of this thread? Is it to prove that Christmas is Christian?

Anyhow, a few thoughts come to my mind at this time of year...

A personal question (more-so a conscience thing): Do any Christians out there feel "guilty" at Christmas and feel that things are a little "off"? Apart from the irony of atheists celebrating and making a big deal out of it, do you not feel it's kind of shallow? More about Santa, snowmen, women dressing up in skimpy "Mrs Claus" outfits, decorations, stress, money, pretence of "kindness", child bribery etc?

Then there's the Christian principles - Jesus and his disciples taught humility/modesty, being content, a lack of materialism, not being "showy" (displaying ones means of life), soundness of mind (e.g. being sober). Basically, what the early Christians used to be like. It seems that, even ignoring the pagan origins that people claim Christmas has, Christmas breaks many of these principles?


Why would WE feel guilty about it? I attended a beautiful mass, listened to wonderful Christmas music, and got together with friends and family to celebrate an awe-inspiring event in our faith.

Christmas doesn't break any principles for the Christian man or woman. I suppose if you're a drunkard, fighting over air jordans in a store...But you probably then have bigger issues than honoring the intended object of Christmas (Christ's birth).


I just think its funny how Christmas is a celebration of Jesus birth yet the date of his birth is nowhere to be found in the Bible


But his birth is found...Hence, "a celebration of Jesus birth."


What I mean is in the Bible there is a specific date to his death which can be traced to this day, its usually sometime in the spring if i remember right

There is no such thing though for his birth