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The Christian God: How do you know he's the good guy?


This is a question to all Christians out there (but Muslims or Jewish people are free to respond as well):

How do you know the God you support (the God from the Bible) is this good guy and not the evil guy? See, there is a fundamental issue here: the only source that supports claims that your God is the good one is the Bible. The Bible was written centuries ago by relatively unknown sources.

So how do you know you're not being duped? What if the devil is actually the good one?

How does one resolve this issue?


read the gnostic Apocryphon of John.



No thanks. But can't we just start posting these under one thread?


Again? Really? There's a search function learn it, know it, use it.


Or maybe this is more appropriate?


Falls into the same problem as stated above.


I like this idea but would prefer to think the Devil duped us to worshipping God because of all the trouble it would cause. IE God never came to Earth or intended to reveal himself but the devil did, in different forms and at different times, to create multiple religions which keep us divided. I guess the question then would be why doesnt God turn up and show us the truth. Well religious experts would answer this kind of question by saying he's testing our faith.


Actually I see where you're coming from now. So Lucifer (Light bearer) gets banished by Yahweh (or whoever) who then leads us to where we are today, the brink of self destruction!!

This would actually make more sense than current belief systems as the 'God' portrayed in the old testament has characteristics more suited to a demon than an angel as people today view him.

Leaving us with the problem of how we bust Lucifer out of the slammer and bring the Light back!

Disclaimer: As a Jedi Knight of the Realm I know little of the old wayz..


Read the first 3 lines and fell asleep.

BTW have you read Wolf On The Plains by Conn Iggulden?


Uh...Catholics aren't a religion of 'the book.' We have other ways. And, the reason why G-d is good is because he wouldn't be G-d if he wasn't good. That is the definition of him, that's like asking well what if good was actually bad...it's not so no reason to argue it.


One thought I always had was , wondering if the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil was in fact the Bible


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What other ways?



No, but thanks, I checked it out and it sounds like a cool book.


Ha. You are not alone in that thought. Although not referring to the Bible per se, the Christian Scientists think that the problem is in entertaining any concept of 'good AND evil', instead of God's ALL-in-ALL goodness. THAT is the sin, according to them.


The "beating a dead horse" picture pretty much sums this up nicely.


In my opinion, religion is just an illusion anyways.


It's written in the Bible.


There's no such thing as a "Christian God"...


Is god not christian?