The Cholesterol Raising Diet

My cholesterol came back at 140 and the doc said that wasn’t good for someone under thirty. So I did some more research, apparently there is a curve that two low cholesterol is just as bad as to high. Japanese did a study on depression and found a link to low cholesterol. For the last weak, I have been eating more eggs, whipping cream, and lots of steak and do notice a difference. Just wanted to put this out there. I figure as long as insulin remains low you don’t have the risk of cholesterol getting to high. based on books like protein power.

[quote]scattered wrote:
My cholesterol came back at 140 and the doc said that wasn’t good for someone under thirty. [/quote]

Huh. I assume you’re referring to 140 mg/dl. My recent bloodwork gave me a score of 159 mg/dl on a reference interval of 100-199. I don’t eat eggs that often, but I frequently indulge in bacon, sausage, steak, and ground beef.

BTW, I’m under thirty, too.

My whole class got tested and some people were like 110. They were told they had GOOD cholesterol.

Mine was 150.

Eating more cholesterol while keeping your insulin levels low shouldn’t result in a noticable increase in blood cholesterol.

In fact that’s exactly what protein power reccommends people do to lower cholesterol levels :wink:

But if it makes you feel good, go for it – I personally believe eating along the lines described in protein power is healthy :slight_smile:

The doctor’s wrong. That is a healthy humber. What’s the HDL/LDL breakdown? I think it’s pretty foolish to intentionally raise cholesterol unless it is severely low. It will probably increase even maintaining a healthy lifestyle as you age. So leave it alone.

That said, limiting saturated fat too much is not a good idea either. Some is necessary for optimal hormone functioning. JB has recommmend 1/3 of your fat calories be saturated with the other 2/3s a relatively even ratio of polyunsaturates and monounsaturates. I think it’s a good guideline.

The cookie cutter response is that referene range BS. I urge you to look at the data linking low cholesterol, with depression and suicide. Protein power life plan, has a great description (with references) in it on the importance of cholesterol. That 140 and below is just as unhealthy as 220 and abolve , ideally 160 to 200 I believe is best. Mercola, also writes about cholesterol being to low.

In japan a study was done on people hospitalized for depression and suicide, 90% came back with low cholesterol, upon given cholesterol there moods improved drastically.