The Chin-Up Project During Best Damn Program For Natural Lifters?

Hi Coach, in this article author said that:

"Other Training

Perform your regular workout as you always would. If you have an “arm day” and need to cut volume back slightly, that’s fine. But most lifters won’t need to if they’re using a solid workout nutrition protocol and optimizing recovery in their regular workouts."

My question is, is it smart choice to do this while on Best Damn program? Or maybe You would suggest some other plan that will be more accomodate.

you should do the best damn only for a few weeks and then you can try to add this protocol and see how your body recover from it ?

Sounds reasonable but I think I will do Best Damn for couple of months, then change up to something 4 days/week with less intensity than Best Damn and do Chin-up project with it. My reasoning is that with Best Damn I must go 100% with intensity on last set and it will be sub optimal to add this much everyday volume (even so little impactful).

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