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The Chili Peppers kick major ass!

Ok… after being out of town for awhile and doing other things, I didn’t even realize that the Chili Peppers are coming to Edmonton!!! None of my friends called. I didn’t hear any radio ads. Did not see anything on TV or in the paper…ARGGGGGGGGH! Nobody told me!!!
This is the one band I need to see desperately. Of course the tickets are sold out.
Does anyone know where I could get up to 4 tickets on the floor for Edmonton, Calgary or Vancouver? Please… must…see…them!!!

Wait the lead drummer for my favorite band ,Bread could kick the shit of flea and anthony keatis. Shit and he’s pushin’ 70 years old now.

You can get them on Ebay.

Thanks Scrub
Whats your deal US=GG?
Has anybody seen their latest tour?
How was it?

chillis fukn rule, i see them every time they come down under. always a great show. even better with John F back in the team. only down side is they are know for their short sets