The Chicken Sandwich Wars

So, I just got back from Popeyes. I ate the spicy, and the regular. I know, wtf. Now I feel like complete death.

But I will say that the hype is real. For a fast food chicken sandwich it’s good. It’s really good, better than Chic-fil-A. But it is still undoubtedly fast food, and I don’t plan on going back for a long time.

I’ve had chicken sandwiches from most of the major fast food chains and hands down the popeyes one is the best.

I still prefer a burger from Shakeshack or Five Guys over any of it though.

The chicken sandwiches at Popeye’s are finally back? Amazing. I guess they were able to speed grow those chickens.

How does a company “run out of chicken filets for their chicken sandwiches”? Yet, they have never in the history of the company (or KFC for that matter) run out of chicken nationwide.

I wrote to Tyson for their comment and they ignored me.

If this was a media ploy, history will show whether it was the greatest feat, or the dumbest move.


Did anything exciting or dramatic happen in line?

I’ve tried Chick-Fil-A twice in my life (there’s none near where I live). I personally think it sucked. Never had a chicken sandwich from a fast food place that was good at all, but I do intend on trying Popeyes at some point just cause. Hopefully I agree.

Lived on Popeye’s when I worked in North st louis

Chick Fil A sucks ass. Who the fuck puts pickles on a chicken sandwich anyway?

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huh??? Popeyes does as well. Try it before you knock it bruh.

no, it was actually pretty tame.


yeah I dunno. strange, right? though the demand Is absurd. i tried going on Sunday and the line was so ridiculous I gave up. that’s why I went back last night.

This guy would. Spicy chicken with pickles. Hell yeah.

Haven’t had a Popeyes sandwich, but they’re much more available around me than Chick Fil A. Perhaps I’ll change that soon.

I have. It’s disgusting. Pickles belong nowhere near chicken sandwiches, and in general the chicken just doesn’t taste good from Chick Fil A.

Of course, people like pineapple on pizza and ketchup on eggs, so it’s just my opinion.

It’s the waffle fries, Polynesian sauce, crushed ice for your drink and the Peach Bowl that really elevate Chick-fil-A above everyone else.

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The chicken tastes like chicken. I like it because of the atmosphere and employees. They crush it with little kids. They’re over the top nice. I’ve never finished my drink before being asked if I need a refill. They give first responders and military a discount. And they’re Christian owned and don’t care what the world thinks about that.

The other chicken places (Popeyes and Church’s) scare me. They’re located in our darker neighborhoods and I’m pretty sure the employees don’t like me and my co-workers.


I don’t know where my phone found that extra word, but at least it was somewhat on topic…

Also, just saw this on Instagram. Right on cue!

yeah you can’t beat the atmosphere of a chic-fil-a.

I don’t eat there often but when I have it has always been pleasant. one time I had to wait inline for 25min in the drive through and when I got to the window the employee could see I was visibly annoyed (was on the way to catch a movie).

she politely turned to me, sad sorry for the wait and said the meal was on ‘us’. so I didn’t even have to fucking pay… that is service!

The one I frequent has extra people in the drive thru and I’ve even seen them in the line inside when it’s super busy. They even have umbrellas that hang over their head via a harness they wear so they can work in the rain. I think they recently installed heaters in the drive thru to help their employees survive the winter.

It definitely tastes like chicken, it just tastes like shitty chicken. I probably wouldn’t dislike the chain as a whole if it wasn’t hyped up to me beforehand. So, so disappointing every time I’ve been there. Service is usually fine though.

The waffle fries are wiggity wack too. Just terrible.

Hey, let’s not throw in this delicious combination into the mix with the other abominations.

Properly cooked scrambled/fried/poached/soft or hard boiled eggs are so good, I just can’t ruin them that way. In NY, where the egg sandwich is king (seriously ain’t none of you motherfuckers know shit about a baconeggancheesesaltpeppaonakaiserrollbadabinghowyoudoin) there is no greater torture then arriving home to find some douche has put ketchup on your sandwich and no matter how much you wipe it off the roll your sandwich is ruined. RUINED I TELL YOU.

Now go put your commie sauce on your Soviet rations and keep it off my eggs, comrade.

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Well, anyone with any type of class would know that hardboiled eggs is good with mustard, not ketchup.

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I agree. I don’t like condiments on fast food in the first place, and if someone did that to a perfectly good egg sandwich I’m expecting to eat the reaction would be really bad.

I love Popeyes. There was one down the street from a grocery store I was building and we ate there every day for like 2 mos. The woman behind the counter always gave me monstrous extras.

Chick-fil-A, I’m so so about. Except the pickles. I hate them. The first time I had that I didn’t know about the pickles and thought some smart ass on the grill vandalized my sandwich.

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Chipotle mayo is also delicious with hard boiled eggs. And mustard is absolutely acceptable, you are correct. Usually I just have some salt. Hot sauce is also allowed on all forms of eggs.