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The Cheap Stuff


Recently I've gone back to using the cheaper whey proteins instead of the more expensive brands. Frankly I don't see too much difference between them, and the price difference is hard to ignore nowadays...

I just use two scoops of this stuff and I get just as much protein as FOUR scoops of Cytogainer or Muscle Milk. Granted, it tastes like shit, but mixed with milk and banana it all tastes the same.

A 3 pounder of the cheap stuff lasts me almost as long as a six pounder of more expensive brands, and leaves me more money for actual food.

Anyone else do this, or is there a compelling reason to use the most expensive whey protein?


The compelling reason would be if the cheap stuff(or even quality milk proteins) give you stomach discomfort because you have issues with lactose. Then whey isolates and the like become worth every penny.


Your comparing completely different products. Cytogainer is a weight gainer, if memory serves me it has 54 grams of protien and 88 grams of carbs. so obviously per scoop you will get less protein.

Muscle milk is a meal replacement with 18 grams of fat. 12 grams of carbs and 34 grams of protein.

So of course a whey protein concentrate is going to be cheaper and give you more. The only thing to consider is when you are taking the protein. If it is first thing in the morning, before training or after training you want an isolate protien - again more expensive but it digests in about 20 - 30 minutes, a concentrate takes 3 hours.

Moral of the story is if you are just using throughout the day to boost your protein it is fine.


I was about to pick up some of that the other day just to use as a high protein snack during the day.

You get what you pay for though.


That was more or less the plan: use the cheap stuff in shakes and buy a smaller size of the expensive stuff for post-workout.

Didn't know that about the concentrate taking 3 hours to digest, though. Thanks.


I was broke and bought that wal-mart shit protein aka body fortress. At first, I was like, eh not so bad. I think I got 2lbs for $10.

2 weeks later I decided I would never do that again.


Least you arent paying to see pictures of Ronnie or Jay on the label or some other BS marketing...


Em how would you "see" the difference ??
Did you look at the protein content/amino acid profile of it compared to other brands ?
How much "shite" does it have in it ?

As in the 1st 7 ingredients listed make up 80-90% of the bottle everything is "filler" so are the 1st 7 ingredients good or do simple carbs feature in it ?


Also are you not trying to lose weight ?
Why would you be taking protein shakes during the day........ more "real" food the better so your burn off as much as possible..... and are not starving 1/2 to 1 hr after swallowing the shake.


I use cheap unflavored whey.


I drink this shake where when its all said and done i've had something like 1400+ calories


You sure that concentrate takes that much longer than isolate to be absorbed. I am not calling you out and sayhing that you are wrong, but I have always heard that there is not a whole lot of difference in speed between isolate and concentrate. That is why concentrate is the main protein used in Grow!, which is a fast-digesting shake.