The Change from T-Dawg to ???

I am currently finishing up T-Dawg 2.0. I lost about 13 pounds on it in 9 weeks of actually doing it, and I am very happy with the results. I don’t see a noticable loss in muscle mass, and in fact my lifts have gone up. I now feel it is time to start bulking up for Football in the Fall, so as to give me enough time cut a little bit of the fat off me before the season actually starts. I am planning on transitioning by adding about 250 kcals a day per week. My question is, how high do I want to go? I would like to do this in a way that maximizes my muscle gain while minimizing fat gain. I know that is everyone’s goal, but what kind of Kcal numbers and the like are going to get me there? My current starts are 233, with ~13 percent body fat. I have done self tests and am going to get it tested by the school trainer with more accurate calipers and a better knowledge of how to do it. I would like to do this using only supplements that are considered legal by the NCAA (no mag-10 etc.)

To give a bit of background, I have been T-Dawging with between 2550 and 2700 kcals a day. I’m going to be honest, that amount of food seems to be enough to keep me from not wanting to eat a lot more, and on my “off days” when the cals are a bit higher i get sick to my stomach. From JB’s Massive Eating Calculator, I am supposed to get almost 5000 calories a day if I want to bulk, but I am fairly certain I would puke everywhere if I even tried that. Will 3500 Kcals be enough? Or is 4000 even better? What kind of nutrient break downs (in terms of percentages of calories from Protien/Carbs/Fats).

Also, regarding the supplements, what kind of stuff do you suggest? I am currently taking a Multi, Flax Oils (2 tbsp a day), Fish oil caps (6 a day), Metamucil (2 servings a day) and ZMA at night along with LC Grow to get some added protien. I am thinking of using R-ALA to shuttle some more carbs into muscles post work out. I am also contemplating using some Creatine, as I have half a tub sitting not being used. I also use SURGE PWO.

Thanks to all, and sorry for the diatribe. If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer. And please, be critical, I am trying to do this in the best way possible.

As far as your K/cal increase take it slow. I wont go into the how to’s of this do to the fact that JB has laid it out perfect the last two weeks in his massive eating upgrade. Check out the articles in the last two issues. Basically you up K/cals 250 @ a time, giving each increase a two week run . Monitor progress. If you are gaining stay there. If you stop up it another 250 and re evaluate in two weeks.

If you go to high right off the bat you will simply get fat.

WOW, that RHYMED.’

So pretty much up the k/cals slow and monitor your progrees giving each increase a good 2 week run to show it’s results. 1 week ususally isnt enough.

Check out the articles.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Phill. Bump for some more opinions.

If you are having problems stuffing your face, then you will probably want to do a high liquid diet. Plenty of meal replacements will get you the calories without the problems with low appetite. Many people scoff at high intake of liquid food but in your case it’s your best choice. You’ll still be able to have 4-5 average sized meals, but supplemented with 3-4 shakes. That’ll get you over 5000cals.

Tank, when you start bulking continue to keep your protein intake at 1.5g x LBM. Increase fat to at least .5g (up from .4g) x LBM. And get the rest of your caloric increase from carbs, with a focus on PWO nutrition and the 6 hours following your workouts. All the “C” in the P+C meals in that 6 hours PWO should come from starchy carbs.

And that’s the key. If you need to increase carbs/calories, take in less of the green veggie carbs and more of your starchier and cereal-type carbs. When dieting, you would do the opposite.

Bump. Is R-ALA a good idea to take during high carb meals, especially post workout?