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The Chad Waterbury Song


AS I returned home from the gym today, it struck me that Chad Waterbury likely does not have a song written about him. This bothered me. So without furher hesitation, I call this "The Chad Waterbury Song"

There is a man
Of great size
Who likes his rest intervals brief
And his creatine micronized

He innovated 10X3
Water,Water, Waterbury
What would we be without Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy?

Well he?s not a fan
Of direct arm work
And he provides free workouts
To those who lurk

He innovated 10X3
Oh, oh, can?t you see
What this world needs is High Frequency

(Guitar solo)

Joy and happiness
They can be found
If you train frequently
And keep your movements compound

He innovated 10X3
Oh, oh, can?t you see
Everybody needs some TBT


I really regret having read that.


I give you an "E" for Effort!


You have way too much time on you hands...
but, good effort.


that is one of the sadder things I've seen on here in a while...

I think Chad's a cool guy, but God help me if I ever sit down and put the effort to write a rhyming song devoted to any of the contributors on here.


There is a disco song where the refrain contains D-I-S-C-O and I swear that text is close to working with the melodie of it.

Drop the guitar solo though...


Nice one. I like it!


Agree with above poster.

I actually felt embarresed for u reading that :confused: Geez i hope u are very young or ol Chad might have a stalker on his hands.
Can i please have those 10 seconds of my life back from reading that.


King of Kings




i dig it




Someone please notify Chad NOT to read this post. Chad will lock himself inside his house and never come out for fear of meeting this person. Why the fuck did I read this post?


Shouldn't there be an updated version explaining the merits of fast training and MRT?


I'm glad you like Chad though some posters got mad, I myself would be sad if this became a fad. 8^P

Now, let's see you find a rhyme for Thibaudeau!


Fucking weirdo.


I'd only write one for Thibs...


I loled.


I'm willing to wager you probably have never lifted anything heavier than 200 pounds in your life, and have probably been in jail for stalking at some point.


Haha, after reading a few of the comments I'm glad I stopped reading after the first two lines.

Has anyone informed him he's caught what appears to be a lethal case of the ghey, yet?


I think somebody is pitching for the other team.